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  1. Hi Chaps, I also use 3lb original prodigy carp rods which have 40mm butt rings. Just to support the other members views I also have no issue casting these 150 yards plus with my Entoh's. I do know that a friend had the but rings changed on his prodigy's and it made no difference to the distance he could cast as he may have been at his abilities maximum..... but said that they felt different, so to support CM's comment on balance I would not take the risk and leave them....
  2. If i'm fishing a known bream haunt on the river then its a 24mm with selected flavoured double maize. If its not then I fish 4 x corn or 2 x maize over hemp... Reason for the flavoured maize is that there a few flavour's that do not interest bream as much but carp seem to like but its hard work going through them, but as carp fishing is all about effort and sampling then use the time you have to give factual info based on your findings. This will then lead to confidence which is like this forum really...if you ask questions you gain knowledge, and as you gain knowledge you become wiser and the wise man could be far more successful at what he is trying to achieve....
  3. I have a wife who I call "pet" who is very well behaved most of the time and is loyal and affectionate, She's a great home builder and good with kids.... However.....she does tend to lean towards the jobs list a little too much especially when the weather is bang on to catch a carp or two? Know what I mean fella's....but you love your pets right???????
  4. I fish a 4 oz bolt rig set up much like CM has said with a long tail for most of my river carping with anti-tangle sleeve as this has been the best bite to fish in the net ratio. The heavier lead does seem to do the trick and reduce "head shake pulls" by a massive margin.... I lost 4 fish in 2 months by trying to be clever and just hold bottom with 1 to 2 oz lead and a short tail as a lot of river carp rigs advise, as I thought this will give a very sensitive set up? In fact it worked against me as I am using Delks so have the sensitivity option and found that the taking fish just picked up and shook it out in no time and these are not educated fish to Stillwater standards. Once or twice ok but 4 times...doh. Changed tactics and used the delks in tandem with the heavy lead and 9 fish to 27lb in the next 6 months with only one lost not to head shake but due to Captain Pugwash in a large river barge not giving a monkeys when I'm playing a fish. This is when the particle pult comes in to its own....WHAT A CLOWN.....
  5. Just a health and safety warning...... If you drinking hot tea and it goes off like a train....dump the tea and get the fish as trying to put your hot cuppa down carefully when you get a bite does not happen and it burns.... Enjoy...
  6. Hi Davie...NM is right again...there are a lot of smaller fish to go at but some bigger ones as well. Its right up your street this kind of venue if your a method man but you can also catch them up in the water if it warms up a little or for some absolutely cracking fun you can fish the lift method down the margin with a bigger bait as this will get you a better stamp of fish usually. You will get plenty of knocks but when a carp takes it you will know as it will be off so your clutch setting needs to be a little softer. Also watch the water as you will be looking for tail patterns or sediment being kicked up so you know there are fish about. Don't strike until your floats either disappeared or its laying flat on the surface. Keep feeding a couple of margin swims very regular but lightly for a couple of hours while you are using the method and then when you want a tea drop the float in on one of your spots for ten mins or when you see signs of activity. Its a great way of a bonus fish and it could be your biggest....give it a try mate
  7. Hi Davie, As Bivvystreet said it is more suited to the match man. I fished a number of matches on there some years ago and if you want to catch carp of all sorts of sizes up to mid doubles then get the on the small method feeder and cast regularly to build your swim and they will come... I think there are more tench than they say in all 3 of the ponds though so be selective with your bait...Not really a bite alarm water though... Just read my notes, and had 2 carp in the margins one at 14lb and the other 16lb so never neglect them by any means....and the spookiest thing ever is that in another recent thread we were talking about Meaty marine tinned groundbait and this is what I used in the margins to catch the bigger fish...WOW that's really should I say it... "uncanny".... Hope this helps a little Davie..
  8. Hi Mate, it was the meaty marine as I used to use it all the time in my muddy puddle match days.....but I do like CM's alternative though... ... Nice mix fella...
  9. Well done fella...2 hours really well spent.. result.
  10. No problem, always happy to oblige NM .....its always a buzz on a new water and your asking loads of questions and advice which in my book is essential to success so keep going. You only get out what you put in mate so keep asking and if I can offer a little help or advice then that is what these forums are all about... Keep us informed on how you go NM but be patient and try and put a strategy together you can stick to as this will help you ring the changes. I write everything down so I have notes from years ago and in the past 2 years have converted it all to file format for my tablet so another tip is take a note book or get a good app for your fone if you don't have a tablet and record everything you are doing as sometimes the smallest change is enough... Good on you fella...
  11. Hi NM...you can use a binder but you will need to trial this as to how much you use as its really good stuff. Use sparingly... Just one tip, keep your vitalin balls the same size and smaller rather than bigger. This way you can get good accuracy when using the catty and get in to a rhythm, depending on how much you would want to put in. Also as CM and Stevo have said the beauty of vitalin is that it will accept nearly all ingredient additions like malt/molasses and chocolate and also oils, tuna/fish flakes and the ultimate corn in a number of guises...... You can also use liquidized corn with a small amount of binder which can be added to the vitalin but also to skin the balls once moulded as this stuff is super sticky due to natural sugars. This has caught me fish in deep swims when I need to get a bait out to them in one piece but to drop to the bottom in 15ft of water. Its a bit messy, but works. Skin the balls up and leave them to dry for about 30 mins. Once on the bottom they will break up within 20 mins If the lake is shallow then you can also spomb it out if you have that option?? Vitalin can be an art form so as we are all aware practice makes perfect and I am sure you will put a fish or two on your unhooking mat this year with it. Just play around with 1000's of culinary additives and ring the changes mate.
  12. Hi Dan....sorry i just fish rivers so I'm not much help either...but welcome to the forum mate...i am sure you will get some info though...
  13. Hi Howsey, you got any ideas of the fish stocks in there mate... it may help you if you know what your targeting with all the advice that's been posted fella...
  14. Quality baits also do a quality range which I have used but I think Milky summed it up for me, Who said expensive bait is quality? Unless you can see all the declarations and certificates of analysis so an so forth for every raw material that goes in it as was said earlier you will never know if its got quality ingredients......all we are really interested in is does it work? If it does, it will then be given the quality bait status rightly or wrongly by some people...... Lots of suppliers want our cash, its up to us to do the trials lads as I have been involved with a number of top carp match men some years back saying they were catching big weights on a certain bait and they did not even have any with them? Advertising is great as its all about the money for some and does in itself catch rather a few people I think... Never be afraid to experiment, because if I told you 20 years ago that black foam and plastic corn were both a super bait, you would banned me from your water... Make your own choices and try to base them fact but just try a few at a time in various situations.....you may be surprised.
  15. Quality over quantity for me Phil..... The only way you usually save money on a top quality bait is to roll your own and get 7kg out of a 5kg bag of base mix or buy in bulk... You know the base mix is tried and tested but it gives you the opportunity to add or change a few things but always knowing you are giving the carp a quality base mix... However, you also need to ensure the flavour's and other additives you are putting in are also of a good quality and not some nasty old supermarket ethanol/other mix... On the other hand some people may not be fortunate enough to have frozen storage or even storage or have £300 to buy in bulk to get the best price? The equipment you buy and the time you put in making your own bait need to be taken in to consideration though as well as now it seems that paying between £10 and £12 a kilo may not be that bad as it suits your life style? Just a few thoughts?
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