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  1. Evening all. I'm off with the family to Doniford Bay Haven site in June for a week and fancy taking my fishing kit with me for a day on the bank. Any one know of any decent fisheries nearby that I could spend a day at. Hopefully not too far away from the site for easiness. Cheers all. Davie
  2. Not got mine yet soon I guess although pending house move may scupper the fishing plans this season may have to save the £27 for .......... well we'll see
  3. Where about in the Midlands are you (without giving too much away) I'm in Leicestershire and Makins is my usual spot
  4. Hi all Does anyone know of any clubs that operate around Leicestershire, I'd like to ideally join one in the South Leicestershire area cause that's where I live but anywhere in the county would be considered Rgds and thanks in advance Davie
  5. Just checked bluebells out. Looks spot on, could be having a stint there this year I'd say
  6. Aplogies for the duplicate posts I'm not sure why thats happening tbh. D
  7. Very nice, never done night fishing tbh.
  8. Nope I'm defo me lol, why you ask D
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