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  1. I went for a quick overnighter...lost my only fish due to knot failure. Kicking myself for that one. Now my car's broken down on the way home and in waiting for a tow truck.
  2. You'll make the switch from baitrunners really quickly....maybe have the odd strike without tightening the clutch, but I find that's usually after a couple of beers. I've been using the Wychwood Riot 65's and they're good for the money.
  3. My package made it back to the UK and can be sent back to Australia...but with the correct address this time.
  4. A spool of Technium Invisitech to go on my new XTD's and a couple of tungsten anti tangle tubes. I normally use Gardner Pro light or dark but thought I'd go "a bit fancy like" and try out the considerably more expensive shimano line.
  5. I got home last night and was given the news by my lovely other half that she had reversed into a car. There goes a bucket load on an insurance excess....on top of that she hasn't paid off her recent speed and red light fines.... ...so I used my fuzzy logic and decided I should treat myself to some new Shimano XTD 5500's because I'm fed up of paying for her driving mistakes all the time and decided I should spend some money on something for myself.
  6. Had a 72hr session last weekend and hooked a few fish. Most were mid to high doubles with a few singles thrown in, this one was the biggest of the lot (high 20's)
  7. My 1994 Delks are still going strong, so their build quality (at least in 1994) is unquestionable.
  8. I've got the green light for a 72hr session the weekend after Easter in another state (7hr drive). The only issue is that camping/bivvies are not allowed, so it's brolly up after dark and down before first light...going to be quite tiring. On the plus side, there's plenty of 20's and 30's in the lake.....I will probably manage to avoid every single one of them.
  9. Trakker thermal bedchair cover Gardner Pro Light 15lb Line stripper tool (fits on a drill) A few kilos of tutti frutti boilies/pellets and some glug Avid back leads Starbaits throwing stick A kilo of Red Amo tigernut boilies Also ordered a variety of end tackle, rod bands and tip protectors....but either I was drinking at the time or the website threw a hissy but the address is a combination of my sisters in the UK, but with my postcode and country of Australia. So that package has now disappeared into the ether.
  10. Blimey....that BBQ's more like a flamethrower! One blackened...raw steak coming right up! I've just ordered some new line, Gardner Pro LIght 12lb to go on my spare reels and some Tutti Frutti glug.
  11. I'm getting out Friday night, first session in 2 months. Made up a few rigs today and cleared out some unwanted weight from the rucksack.
  12. A few years back I went off on a fly fishing session, I walked about a mile through some paddocks until I got to the spot I wanted to fish. All was good for a few hours, until I tried to cross the river in a spot just a touch too deep. I went under briefly and my chest waders filled up with water. It wasn't a warm day, so I got out of the river and removed the waders..I looked at walking the mile back to the car and decided I should take a short cut across some farm fields, which wasn't a very wise decision. In order to get across the fields I had to cross two electric fences. The first one I tried to crawl under and got zapped on the back of my head and then on my back. I jumped around like a lunatic after that. The next electric fence I thought I'd be smart and straddle the electric wire....that was possibly the dumbest thing I've ever done....I got zapped right in the crown jewels! Flap me, did that hurt! It hurt even more because I grabbed the wire to get it away from my bits and bobs. I got over the fence and then I stripped off my trousers and pants to check everything was still there...thankfully no one saw a mad Englishman swearing to himself and playing with his wedding tackle in the middle of a field.
  13. I've been using riot 65's for over a year now with no issues. Bloody good reels for the money.
  14. My finger slipped again today. Nash buzz bar pouch medium Size 4 solar mute 101 hooks Couple of packs of fox pva bags Richworth orange colouring. That's it... no more.
  15. 2 x 2.5oz and 2 x 3oz fox distance leads Fox 25mm pva mesh refil Fox pva bags Mini spomb Nash stove bag Nash tangerine dream boilies Gardner lazy bug clips
  16. Popped into Gladwells and Birds yesterday and bought a few bits in each shop. Thanks for the recommendations.
  17. t30sxh


    I've always had more success when there's been the least noise. Usually that means fishing solo, or with a like minded mate. I will use a mallet on certain rock hard swims, but then i fish long distance in those swims and it doesn't seem to have any ill affect.
  18. Just ordered a chub precision lite pod base with matching banksticks and buzz bars.
  19. Might go Sat night for a few hours., Probably the last chance I'll get this year to wet a line.
  20. I wouldn't be wearing chest waders unless you're in the water, most of them...including the breathable ones will make you sweat buckets.
  21. Off out to the UK in a couple of weeks and already ordered stuff to pick up when I get there. Gardner bug chains x 2 and a betalight Gardner Camera Angle Wychwood Netstation Nash small bits pouch
  22. Thanks guys, that's given me some places to go checkout. Much appreciated.
  23. Not sure if this is the correct forum. I'm visiting the UK soon and will be staying in Suffolk, staying near the coast in Saxmundham. Can someone please recommend some tackleshops, I've got a list of things I'm going to pick up and I'm considering buying some new rods whilst over there, so would prefer a shop with a good range of rods. Cheers
  24. I use big pit reels, 2.75lb 12ft rods, 12lb mono line without a leader, fishing lakes anywhere between 5 and 15 acres. Range....not nearly enough, but probably 90yrds max (with a stringer or small pva mesh). I also fish the margins, typically with a 2.5lb rod, 6010 Baitrunner and 8 or 10lb mono line (can't remember).
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