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  1. i look forward to seeing the results.
  2. Thanks for the feedback on the video, its much appreciated. Just putting bait in to try and create a feeding area, I tend to either use Tigernuts or BNV boilies, the whole idea of the boilies is to build a feeding response and then due to the boilies makeup attract fish by supplying a good balanced foodsource so that they start searching out the bait. The beauty of having kids and wife who come fishing with you is that they can offer the chance of extra rods Catch and release is perfectly legal in NSW, and thankfully a growing number of anglers Australia wide are starting to see the draconian laws regarding carp for what they are , pointless and unenforceable. Man has causes more damage to the waterways than all the carp in Australia have since their introduction.
  3. I am honestly gobsmacked Steve, catapults are banned, yet I was looking at a compound bow the other day that can fire an arrow at over 300 feet per second that I (and my 12 year old daughter) could buy on the spot with no licence or even handing over ID. It's also bizarre as I am sure that if you look at importing them the import rules are that you can't import one with a wrist brace, but if it doesn't have a wrist brace it's ok, with no mention of individual states. And yes Australia is harder on guns than the UK or US/Canada. For instance, you have to apply for a gun licence, which takes months to come through and needs the usual checks etc to be completed. However, when you have that licence, you still cant actually buy or own a gun If you want a gun (and i mean everytime you want to buy a gun) you then have to apply for a licence to acquire which has a "cooling off period". Which is utterly ridiculous as legally held firearms used in crime is a ridiculously low %, in fact I think you will find that there is a statistic like washing baskets statistically kill more people a year than legally held firearms.
  4. If I'm honest, I don't know how many of the "aussies" that post on here are "aussies" Technically I'm an Australian, But of the 40 plus "carp anglers" I know of in Australia, only a handful (like less than five) are Australians, the rest are ex somewhere UK, Poland, South African, French. If someone hasn't experienced the widespread "australian" fishing mentality, it's hard to explain. Most that you meet, honestly can't understand why on earth would you want to go fishing for a trash fish that you can't eat if you manage to catch one? whats the point??? (I've toned that language down from what they would actually say) It's not there fault, the government has blamed the state of the waterways on carp for years and hence a large number of anglers see "caring for the waterways" as trying to kill as many "mud pigs" as they can, any impact that the angler has whilst doing that is not of concern as man is not the issue, it is the carp to blame. Its the strangest attitude I mean some of the crimes that carp are apparently guilty of are Digging in to the banks to eat the roots of gum trees (despite it being plain as the nose on your face that the erosion is caused by the V8 wakeboats that are going down the river) Causing algal blooms (despite the fact that the waters of one of the most important river systems in Australia have been polluted massively with fertilisers from farm lands upstream that use such a volume of the rivers water that the flow has been reduced to a standstill) In fact I genuinely read a government study the other day that was suggesting that carp were a problem, because in a shallow natural lagoon that the government were pumping full of raw sewage, the PPM of sewage in the water decreased once they removed heaps of carp, as the carps movements were stirring up the sewage. Now lets think about that for a moment, It's the carps fault that the sewage in the water is above acceptable levels (ACCEPTABLE LEVELS!!!!!! ) How about you don't pump a natural lagoon full of raw sewage in the first place! In regard to leaving Australia, I genuinely think its a fantastic place to live and offers great opportunities for my kids. I don't like the attitude or propaganda that exists in regard to my hobby, but thats ok, I created my blog to promote the responsible catch and release angling of carp and appreciation of my surroundings, If i can get one angler to treat take his rubbish home and even better, understand the futility of killing a carp. Then I will be satisfied that the blogs have made a difference. We all don't like things about where we live, it's just our job to articulate what and why we don't like that thing so as to hopefully change it.
  5. Mate, come to Australia and watch some of the angling programs, or try and tell someone that you are a carp fisherman who practices catch and release (which is perfectly legal in NSW where I am) and you will soon see that it is more than "some" that need educating. The attitude towards fish in general, fish care and the environment is largely appalling and the attitude towards Carp is best summed up as hatred (which is still putting it mildly) If pointing that out upsets some, sorry, but it needs saying. I know what you mean about some places in the UK mate, I lived there for 30 years, but I promise you, the attitudes over here are like nothing I've seen or heard before.and are far more widespread than a "few"
  6. Are you sure slingshots are illegal in VIC? Slingshots with an arm brace are illegal and can't be imported, but i've got about 20 normal fishing catapults at home that have been cleared by customs. Maybe it's different in VIC????
  7. As the person that both made the video and the comments, my point is that every time I go fishing there is a fresh load of crap in the swim and a couple of aussie banksticks (snappped off twigs pushed in to the ground) and to clarify, when I say crap I mean literally, I walked in to the swim once with my wife and there was literally a massive turd laying in the middle of the area with a pile of toilet paper on top of it. Keep in mind that the place is surrounded by bush and hence if someone was caught short, it would only have been a 10 metre walk to put it in an area that nobody would have ever known about. The reason i said "aussie anglers" is that every ex pat catch and release angler I know of over here has the greatest respect for the fish they catch and the surroundings they fish in. Where as most of the angling I see being demonstrated by Australians shows little respect for anything. Lip grips, letting fish lay on the bottom of a red hot metal tinny or straight on to gravel or whatever the bank is made up of. (and thats on the TV programs) then look at the waterways bottles/cans/food wrappers/turds/shopping trolleys you name it I've found it. including set lines on 30lb plus mono with massive hooks that I found because I was attached to it because the hook had gone in to my ankle. please note that I wasn't wading, this was whilst I was on dry land. once I removed the hook, i followed the line to the nearest tree and found three other lines set in the water as well. The blogs I make are to promote responsible catch and release angling and appreciation and care for the fish I catch and the surroundings that I am in when conducting that angling, If I find that anyone doesn't share those values then I will do my best to educate them as to why I think they are wrong. Sorry that you didn't enjoy the video.
  8. Yep got hooks, I'll pm you my number, give me a call
  9. If you are looking for tackle resources, I would recommend either Johnson Ross (great bunch of guys and happy to help when you want to put together some gear and want to be informed of what works with what, also happy to do a deal on larger purchases Tacklebox.co.uk great website when you know what you want, very quick rarely takes more than a week to get here (downside is the price as it is always RRP and freight is not cheap, upside though is speed, i've had gear here in my had in four days before) Ted Carter great for bulky items as they offer freight free (YES FREIGHT FREE!!!!!!!) to Australia when the purchase is above a certain threshold (threshold ranges depending on the time of year.) not the quickest and can take time for them to get all your order items in, but as long as you keep in contact with them it will get here and it will be FREIGHT FREE!!!!!) All of the above will remove the VAT as we are outside the EU when you purchase, but just remind them.
  10. I used to hold Korda gear (and still have a fair bit left over) problem was trying to keep everything that everybody wanted when I had to buy in bulk and everyone wanted to buy one packet. There was also a strange phenomenon where people seemed to feel that if it was local (so you had already paid freight etc etc to have it in the country) that it should somehow be cheaper? than in the shops in the UK????? I still sell Free Spirit rods though, have limited Korda gear still available and also sell boilies.
  11. Hi mate, thanks for the kind words. In regard to the aussie fishermen, some fish for carp (some with the intention of killing them, and some that just like fishing and I don't think actually kill the carp, preferring to just put them back) it's all about education, as all of the tackle shops over here will tell you that it is "illegal" to return a carp and that there is a huge fine. Fact of the matter is that for anyone that has a basic understanding of english grammar would be able to work out that the DPI requests that you don't return them alive, and there is a $150,000 fine for relocation of carp. So basically its a request, not a law (and a request based on flawed logic as there is no factual study that show any actual proof of the damage that they accuse carp of) and the fine is for relocation, not returning them from the water from where they were caught. Most of the aussie fishermen that fish in freshwater would be going for other species like bass etc, saying that freshwater fishing is pretty rare as nearly everyone here lives relatively close to the sea and hence sea fishing is very popular as it enables them to "fish for a feed" which is a very ingrained attitude in Australia. All of us catch and release anglers laugh as invariably when you meet anyone of the bank and you tell them you are fishing for carp, the next thing out of their mouth is, "can you eat them?" as they genuinely cannot get their head around why you would want to spend time to catch a fish, just to put it back, it seriously does not compute. Where it gets seriously ridiculous is trout, trout are not native, they are an introduced species just like carp difference is trout you can eat, hence carp are evil smelly oily no native pieces of faeces, but trout are loved. A friend of mine summed it up a while ago where some of us were getting angry at the way that they kill carp. he said "listen guys, don't get upset as in reality they treat carp no differently to the fish that are native that they say they love. If it can't be eaten, they hate it and it dies, if it can be eaten, it gets eaten, hence it dies, if it is a species that is nice, but is to small to be eaten, it is bait to try and catch a fish that can be eaten, hence it dies. So un a nutshell, if an aussie catches a fish of any type, chances are it is going to die" sad but true I am afraid. Fish care is non existent largely. Hence why I am doing my blogs to try and promote catch and release and just fishing for fun rather for lunch, it will be a very long road and one that I will probably never see the end of, but I hope that I can at least make a difference in the way that some fishermen treat their catch, native or not.
  12. Latest instalment gents, including some "interesting" camera work from the wife, who was "helping"<SMILE>38</SMILE> http://youtu.be/fVjgdMStBeE Please subscribe, share and comment.
  13. Latest instalment gents, including some "interesting" camera work from the wife, who was "helping"<SMILE>38</SMILE> http://youtu.be/fVjgdMStBeE Please subscribe, share and comment.
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