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  1. The thing is i have a pebble, i shouldve known better lol
  2. I'm going to be honest about this product and hopefully save you all a lot of grief and also your money. Last November i decided to buy the power box made by fusion carp (Mk 2) i believe. All was well and paid upfront for a product i believed would reach me in time for xmas. Well this was the beginning of my problems, i didnt get the power box until January by which time xmas had long past and the first session i needed it for had also gone. When the power box finally did arrive (after much moaning on facebook to fusion carp) i was happy. It looked great, was small enough to fit in a protective case and i couldnt wait to try it out on the bank. I charged it for a solid day (12 hours) by which i was informed should be long enough to fill up the power box. I took it with me on a trip to France and by day two the unit was dead. Not to worry - the lake i was on had a power outlet and i could charge it for two days and return. I looked past this thinking well i have the power box now so ill live with the less than promised supply of power. A week or so ago i went to charge the unit for only the second time and would you believe it it wouldnt charge at all. I paid over £60 for this piece of rubbish and have had nothing but grief. Ive since been in contact with fusion carp who have said they're willing to swap it for a newer / better model. This from a company who couldnt deliver it in time the first time wants me to send it back and wait another 3 months for a new box. haha. After a day or so of thinking about my options i though i have nothing to lose from sending it back... 2 weeks have past and im still waiting for the address to send it to. So sorry for the rant, i did tell the guy from Fusion carp that i would put a review online so i could save other anglers the bother i had to go through. Hope this helps in your endeavours finding a decent power supply for when your on the bank.
  3. thanks for your kind comments. It took us an age to plan but once we did filming was a breeze. We're looking to do more through out the year so i'll post them here when we've completed them. Thanks again.
  4. Hi all i haven't been online in a while so i hope the vid I'm about to share makes up for my neglect. We filmed our latest sessions on a wonderful lake named Thorney Mere of which i am the bailif of. This water is relatively new and hasnt seen much angling at all so the stock knowledge was next to zero. Feel free to have a watch. https://youtu.be/vboE-XgsPS0
  5. I second the mitchell avo spod reel for spod/spomb work! personally i prefer a baitrunner on a marker rod but have got on fine using the avo for this also. Its £30 most places and for that you cant complain!
  6. Ive slept in waders before in september, that was a hot night! was fishing in a snagging area and had to have rods in the water to getting to them asap was important.. all worked out well and ended up with two carp. Being ready is part of the success.
  7. Pike fishing and cambridgeshire go hand in hand mate, have you never heard of the drains around here? people travel from all over the uk to fish what we have right on our doorstep. There are a lot and finding fish can sometimes be difficult but persisiting on any area usually works. Ramsey 40ft section is well known for predator fishing, pike and zander here. Dont forget the rivers running through town centres, ive had some of my best catches from urban fishing. 13lb zander for one.
  8. Whats your recommendations on the warmest bib and brace you've used or are still using? The igloo 7 looks a good piece of kit for the price, quite hard to get hold of though im told. Anyway im not sold on that just yet so any recommendations greatly appreciated.
  9. Ahh the chod rig, It was myself who started the pinned post i think last year asking about a leadcore free alternative. Since then the chod rig or naked chod is now my number one choice of rigs to use if im unfamiliar with lakes or even if i need a rig which i have huge confidence in. Last year i had never used the choddy at all, but nearly all of my catches nowadays come from a choddy or a solid bag rig. Excellent rig in my eyes and this is from someone who had always avoided it until i got the nake set up working the way i wanted it. I still donts use leadcore either.
  10. Would a drifting pike float be too obvious? it has that massive wind vein on it to catch the wind chaps. Im sure you all know. Issue might be proving your not pike fishing haha.
  11. Ahhh zigging, something i say year after year im going to try and always fail to. I also read the nash article on carp being mid water alot of the time and this i think is enough for me to at least give zigging a fair go. Maybe try on two rods with adjustable zig float? and have the third rod on a more familiar rig set up. Cant loose.
  12. Avid do a nice lead of inside the bags. Come with a handy stem to wrap the pva bag around too.
  13. As mentioned above i fold my reel handles too but only due to the narrow buzz bars i use. Having avoided the ol folded reel handle in the past and knocked off my other rods in the past its the only solution for a clean lift. Im sure someone will say buy wider buzz bars, but i like mine. Each to their own i guess... but id never do such a thing on my pod.
  14. Ok thanks, im sure i saw on a video a guy using N-trap soft for the boom (kinda supple) and what basically amounts to a chod rig on the end for the stiff element.
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