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  1. that is interesting frank! can I ask which rig components you use, and have found are the best? pm if u want . take it u use something like a size 11 uni link swivel, size 6 fox series 5? just want to get the weight of components right so the rig sits how it should. obviously the buoyancy of the pop up makes a difference aswell. also what bottoms do u fish the rig over? might have to give this rig ago .
  2. I totally agree with you liam, but in the right circumstance the withy can be very effective. I also find that it seems to pick up the bigger fish.
  3. in my own experience i have to agree with frank. slack lines running lead, sorted!
  4. liam part of the reason i use the withy is because the bend in the shrink tube acts as one big hook, once it goes in it stays in. and i have very rarely if not ever lost a fish on this rig, due to a hook pull.
  5. why not use a withy on a supple braid so it turns 360 degrees? is it just your preference of rig? what bottoms have you fished this over to best results frank and others? would be interested to compare results
  6. nick I understand what you are saying. but having a really sharp hook can only aid hooking potential. It only takes 5 mins a hook and its not expensive. plus you can re use hooks which saves alot of money! also I know like me that you also like the B175's and trust me you can get them DEADLY sharp give it ago mate, even if it does hinder your morels :-D:-D
  7. ive got the fox diamond stone but the jag stones are also top draw.
  8. wouldn't worry about it mate, as I sharpen all my hooks as should everyone! the difference ridiculous.
  9. cringe worthy, but funny as..
  10. suffix herculine or ultima hypalink (fluorocarbon coated in braid)
  11. how do u mount the worm, out of curiosity, just glue it to a cork ball?
  12. starman


    nick and others i would just like to say thank you for your views and insight into leadcore. i have used leadcore for many years and have always used it 'safely' to my knowledge. and i have never witnessed in my own fishing any damage or danger whilst using it. but i must admit this thread has changed my opinion somewhat, things i didnt even think about have been brought to my attention and therefore i have stopped using leadcore. i just dont want to risk the fish, which is the main priority in our much loved hobby that is fishing! thanks again.
  13. Never thought of a bait band on the d, good idea. But while my fingers still work I'll stick to tying them on with floss . I must say lads, good thread. Sticky? Also lads, out of curiosity, on a naked chod how far do you allow the hooklink to travel before it hits the bead, as when i used to use leadcore (dont anymore) i used to let it run about 8 foot. but as im now using 20lb x line, would you change this as there isnt the weight of the leadcore to help hook the carp? Would you change lead size to a heavier lead also incorporating hooking mechanics? would be interesting to see your views..
  14. The perfection loop knot. youtube/google it hope this helps.
  15. also if you haven't already been told, hope you dont mind a nice stroll to your peg
  16. pearbo what would you say the average is in pit 2?
  17. great info, cheers mate. im joining with a mate and he did mention the bar running between the 2 islands. im sure ill see you down there at some point
  18. Cheers for the info pearbo! ill look forward to seeing you down there at some point . do you ever fish the 1st lake, the weedy one? do you know what the stock levels are on there mate? Cos i know the 2nd lake gets rammed in summer, and i know i will be doing about 1 weekend in 3, and i will be getting down there about 3ish on fridays. think i will get a swim on 2nd lake?
  19. Hello all, looking at joining bradmoor next season (may) and was wondering if anyone on these forums fishes them? If so any advice would be helpful! Give me a little headstart . Much love starman x
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