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  1. i dont think my sonik's are made on grey's blanks. but to the ques these are good rods. cant say about the shimano's.
  2. i tend to soak this when i use it for a least 48 hrs. it will expand to twice the size. i do that for peace of mind really.
  3. i use a drennan no1 stillwater blue, 2 no1 shot and smallest swanshot 6 inchs from the hook, plumb the depth to the swanshot exactly. Any movement of the swanshot will move the float any pick up float pops up a good inch and half.
  4. At a guess i'd say it prob has something to do with the action of the rod under load playing a fish. As float rods have there set at 90 and my avon rods just lesss than 90 but not quite 45 if you see what i mean.
  5. first thing i do is change my hooks, different pattern or different size. take it from there.
  6. I'll bring this to the top carpsoup pick the bones dude
  7. I guess once the yeast was added to the groundbait, it was seen rising.
  8. i agree with slimy dead and alive for the same reason.
  9. The smell sort of reminds me of sweet coconut.
  10. This might be a longish one. So to turn to a lake blind. I guess this will be a long term campain. I would do the walk round to start with, glasses and the odd climb of a tree if possible. Then as this being the first of many trips, i would set up in a swim on instinct ( which on occasions has backfired), then have a quick lead around and pick my spots. When fishing heavy pressured waters i tend to find that my eyes and ears are key, as well as watching the water watching other anglers, where there fishing and what they catch is all usefull info on a first trip. (i dont care what baits or tactics there using i'll find that out for myself at a later date). Example i fished catch22 for the first time in 13 years a month ago its pick and mix with the swims due to the pressure. i blanked and i had 2 bars in front of me and so did 6 other poeple down that end. But i clocked where all the fish had come out over the 2 days. Once i'd packed up i went for a walk around to have a look ( i hadn't done cause all the swims that end had gone), 20 yards out very thick weed, bumped in to a mate there fished to it, he had 10 fish smallest 25lb to 29lb. So i learnt something about that water even though i blanked. As for baits on a first trip i would use my fav good food bollie with bags and stringers. The other rod will have corn/maize with my hot choc bread crumb ground bait in a bag. For me this will give me a idea of what else might be in the lake. (or to see what else iam up against). With using pva bags or mesh your not restricted with one spot it allows you to move it about a bit, as on some lakes i've experienced bream at 3 rod lengths come in a bit and your on to the carp etc. Oh and if there wern't a baiting ban the corn/maize rod would be on a bed of hemp and corn/maize The second trip is another story
  11. Question then nick are these smaller lakes, fished in matches then?
  12. Alright Ian, I fish the section at offord cluney and buckden, which is not too far away. There i fish for pike, zander, chub, carp, and a rumour of the odd barbel as well, yet to see one though. As for baits meat, bread, maggots and a tub of lob worms. Have a good trip.
  13. I think your problem might lie with the molasses and the length of time your particles were in the bag/mesh before being used allowing the molasses to be absorbed by the pva. Also oil based paritcles seriously affect the melt time sometimes for the pva not to melt at all, unless it states that it is pva friendly. A few years ago i pre tied some in mesh with pellets the night before thinking i'd get ahead of the game, and as always i tested one when i got to the bank, 35 mins later it started to break down, turns out it was the oil in the pellet being absorbed into the pva over time causing the problem. So i had to make them as i needed them and they broke down almost straight away.
  14. if its bollie flavs you want, try active 8 as mentioed or cell, but i would use 3 grains of corn if its a match water with little an often hand fulls in. Dont fish to far out or you'll be in to the bream. close in for the carp.
  15. tony, right there i soak for 48 hours at least in a warm area (my shed) ferments then i bring to the boil to kill off the bacteria.
  16. tucker74


    Just another art to be lost in time, knots and whipping wire traces
  17. Vinyl, The day ticket area is at the 3 wiers carp there in the summer when it weeds up, some good pike and zander in there as well, and the season ticket £14 allows you to fish the round the back 1 big wier where the barbel and the chub tend to be and in total about 5 miles of the river heading down by the marina, the ticket did allow you to fish the lake in the marina not so sure now, It's a picture scene really, lovely place You've reminded me i need to get off my backside and get down there for my ticket. good luck.
  18. True plus what birds let go over water, prob includes all of the above at some point.
  19. Sorry tony, I'll give you and others a quick run down of the artical. This morning had to take my little boy to the doctors so on the way i bought ACF with the leadcore debate on the front. I thought ah a pro's and cons over other materials. No got to the first page and against was keith's report, i knew straight away what this was about. On keith's report on his side of the debate was other than just poor angling. He had come across fish towing just a length of leadcore with no lead, where the lead had ejected (the rig done its job). But the leadcore had managed to wrap around weed and sticks, which were being towed around by the fish. Of seven that were found only four got released unharmed. I would say that most fish go to snags and weed to rid hooks thay have the knack of doing it there, in my experience i've lost fish in lilly's only to pull in the lilly where the fish has rid the hook there. Now the FOR report, its a genuine aid to catching carp, it ticks all the boxes, it sinks and stays sunk, camuflaged, abrasion resistant, supple, and strong. Not one mention of other materials that tick all the boxes. My first thought was a genuine aid to catching carp is a hook, my reason being, you can tie line to it, it also has a good shape to it with the bend, and its sharp. I'am open to other suggestions. So then dave goes on to plug for the company he works for. He then goes on to say the problems airse from poor angling, badly tied knots and crack offs etc. I found him obnoxious at this point as keith had alredy stated this had nothing to do with bad angling as such. But dave found it harder to explain the results of keiths casting tests into the concertina effects on leadcore causing the problems, only to say that this effect is completly eliminated by feathering the lead down. Dave then goes on to give us a usefull tip to help prevent the chance of the core material protruding though the sheath. He then move's onto the press and online forums and articals in CT and AM were designed to whip up a bit of controvesy. Dave then takes the time to tell us mid kent have lifted there ban, but will keep a close eye on rigs and set ups, and educating anglers. Only time will tell if that works and if it don't mid kent have no one else but them selves to blame. Dave then goes on to mention more serious threats to carp stocks than leadcore. i think thats a fair point but thats a different debate. I think he's got his head stuck some where. No comparison's be all and end all.
  20. All i found was info for the company who do shimanos after sales service. so i guess they will have spares as well. Address Felindre Servicing (SAS) Blaen Nant Ddu Felindre Swansea SA5 7ND Telephone: 01792 796584 Fax: 01792 702525 Website: www.shimanofelindre.co.uk
  21. well the syndi members have had access for years,
  22. I wouldn't go in if there that thick, if you get tangled up thats you done. be safe.
  23. Goldfish, chub are part of the cyprinidae or carp family. Carp were introduced into the uk in the early 1300s as a food soruce by the monks.
  24. The norm when fishing to a bar, is to look to the horizon and bait and cast to the big tree, telegraph pole or the church spire etc, i will play it a little bit differently say 10 to 20 foot to one side of the horizon feature and find the bar, fish with single baits with a few not so tightly scattered single freebies.
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