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  1. Pretty sure the bags were JRC, tied off with Korda tape or ESP PVA string with the bag down the hooklink and then hooked out of it. Was going to use the bags mostly although I have Korda mesh as I bought quite a few of them. Seems like they weren't worth it so guess it's over to the mesh for me then! Really appreciate all the feedback though guys
  2. I found even if it was in there for well over an hour there was still residual pva 'gunk' around where i had attached it....obviously not great for presentation!
  3. Hey guys, i'm a fairly new member (so hello to everyone!) and have posted a quick thread on where to fish but have a quick question on pva set ups.... Since coming back from a 6-7 year absence of "blanking and all around failing" I've recently done 2 trips with mixed success. One thing I have noticed was when I was putting pva rigs on (something i've not used before) that the bag didn't completely disolve. When i bagged up some pellet or crushed boilie i added a wee bit of molasses but when winding in later found that I still had a 'sticky residue' where the bag originally was. Not sure if this is a common problem when using additives + pva or if i'm doing something wrong/the pva bags aren't great? Any advice here would be really appreciated. Thanks Chris
  4. Hey people, i'm new to the forums, haven't fished much in the last 6-7 years or so and thought this site seemed helpful as part of me getting back into it. I know there are are a few similar posts (hoping for up to date-ish feedback if possible) but basically I'm looking for any suggestions on where to take my 'in-need of improvement' fishing skills! I live in Luton and have tried out a couple of day tickets (did the night at pixies mere = 1st time fishing again and blanked!, and toddington = had 4 out to around 9lb). As I'm still re-learning the old tricks I'm looking for any suggestions as to where might be worth a try? Preferably small-medium waters that are not too hard so I can build up the old confidence and remind myself what I'm doing! Thanks for any help Chris
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