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  1. Jason (NVF), lots of people want to talk to you mate. Id suggest you start answering your phone and emails, it doesnt look good right now. Most people that have bought tickets from you think you have done a runner!
  2. 138cgj

    unsafe rig

    Nice one mate, this pic needs deleting OR Discussing thoroughly to make sure everyone knows what you mean. It is VERY Dangerous!
  3. I think Bluebell Lakes could do a record Tench.
  4. Yes, Good times this season. New owner, halved the amount of pegs. Big fish to go at. No negatives really apart from it aint easy and they aint english fish (dont bother with the ''all carp are foreign''cos its gay) I only get winter tickets as in past years its too busy any other time but now it should be better. Good Luck.
  5. Thought so. Shes very clever that mother nature lady, she certainly does a good job. Definately makes sure that things work properly and efficiently. You have to take your hat off to her really. Whilst we are on with Pike, i too have been cut by the teeth. Its amazing how sharp they really are. I didnt even feel it at the time, thats how neat the cut was The ultimate in efficiency and sheer machine like killing power and design has to be the White Shark though Literally a never ending 'Conveyor belt' of razor sharp serrated teeth that are constantly being made and pushed to the front of the mouth........Deadly!, Admirable but Deadly!
  6. I wonder how easy it is to get decent quality, safe carp gear in OZ??? Perhaps thats why Gaz? Still, your right, its worth looking for a better net mate. You would be gutted to have ripped the scales from the flank of your PB carp just cos your net isnt up to it..
  7. Am i right in saying that Pike have an Anti-Coagulant in there saliva/bite that slows the clotting of blood in its bite victims?
  8. As said already, there is a HUGE difference in eggs when the hens are living better. The yolk colour,texture,flavour and size are all massively different. My Grandad has enough space to keep hens and i get eggs from him often. I dont get enough to make bait but trust me, i am quite possibly the finest 'Dippy Egg' maker in the North of England....and im being modest by suggesting the North only I reckon im even better than that. Anyway....Id suggest using a source thats consistent. Id love to be able to use my Grandads hen Eggs all the time but the amount i need would be impossible, their 'Golden' Yolks are responsible for the richness of colour in the bait. If you have used eggs from a similar source you will know what i mean. Think about it.....If we feel this way about eggs and can notice the difference in quality, can the Carp?........I think so, do you?
  9. Roll them as normal but make some 'special' hookbaits by adding 5-10ml concentrated cell activator (that you but with the base mix) to around 20 baits that you have previously made. Place them in an old pop up tub and add the gear. Personally i air dry them completely first, then put them in the tub adding the activator. Shake them every few hours the first day then once a day after that. Depending on the sizes you may want to add more after a couple of days as the baits will totally absorb the liquid. Ive never used the white dye but its in my plans, i have however made batches of Cell corkers this way for a while and people have asked me what i am using, what ive done to them etc, etc... That should say it all. AND with Santa Claus on the way and the weather he brings they work BRILLIANTLY as singles to shows and as singles in sticks/small bags of pellet. Good luck!
  10. Just to throw a curve ball in.....Its nice to hear about waters that still have a thriving Eel population nowadays. Whilst we are here, are you CERTAIN its Eels???
  11. Most id say the middle one, biggest are in the bottom one. All decent baits fished well will catch. Its regarded as one of the best floater waters around aswell. Security has been an issue in the past although the last time i walked it there was a HUGE Camera system on the engine house roof so maybe its real and things are now a little better.
  12. Draper do an air gun that will fulfill your requirements, but it doesn't hold a great amount of mix. (type air caulking gun into your search engine) Altenatively, if you know of a decent Bodyshop (car repair), you could do worse as to go into the garage and ask the service manager where they purchase their air guns from. (the cylinders are longer) llamedos You see, thats the one, or identical but machine marts own label, that i bought. Its no good mate, it has no plunger so you load the paste into the barrel and rely on the air to push the paste by itself. You need a hard base/plunger to push the paste evenly and consistently otherwise the pressure (even if you adjust it on the compressor) will 'spit' and the sausages come out ok at first but then all of a sudden half way through it will spit and blow paste everywhere!!! Believe me ive tried it!!! Invest in a proper designated one from Kents Tackle box mate, i will be.
  13. Tried it, no good. The thing is when your using glue or silicone etc it already comes in its own tube, its then just placed in the chamber and the air pushes the bottom of the cartridge as it has a built in plunger. There is no plunger in the glue/silicone guns you refer to so its no good, it doesnt push the paste down, it just spits it all over in pieces. I have one of these with three nozzles that I cut to 14,18,22mm, pretty happy with it and pushes the dough out with ease, I just make the dough a little softer than usual by adding a little water to the mix after the eggs are kneaded in, and then lightly coat with semo before loading the sausage into the gun. A light spray of vegetable oil on to your boilie table also helps. Cheers. Happy bait making. Nails That one is fine, the one i bought had no 'plunger' if you know what i mean??? It simply relied on the hard base of the silicone/mastic/glue etc cartridge to push out the materials with the compressed air. The one you show is practically identical to the gardner deluxe model which i have, they are definately worth the money.
  14. Wyreside, Personally id only fish Wyre lake (its day ticket now but used to be a ticket until early this year), but your the only one who knows what you want. Not exactly sure on the driving times from you but regardless its worth it! There is some absolute stunners in there! Proper ones aswell! Good Luck!
  15. Holy.......Ghost!! Wow, awesome catch mate, well done! How on earth someone could kill a beast like that is beyond me. Although i totally understand the reasons behind the killings and the laws its just a shame.
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