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  1. Jason (NVF), lots of people want to talk to you mate. Id suggest you start answering your phone and emails, it doesnt look good right now. Most people that have bought tickets from you think you have done a runner!
  2. Ditto, Paisley' the best. I did still like Martin Ford but glad Tim came back. Carpology is the next best and the subscription deals make it a no-brainer.
  3. 138cgj

    unsafe rig

    Nice one mate, this pic needs deleting OR Discussing thoroughly to make sure everyone knows what you mean. It is VERY Dangerous!
  4. I think Bluebell Lakes could do a record Tench.
  5. Gidneyboy, for a home made Boat thats awesome. Bet it does a better job than those that are 1000' Is that a solar panel on the top??
  6. He means dropping it from a boat mate.
  7. Yes, Good times this season. New owner, halved the amount of pegs. Big fish to go at. No negatives really apart from it aint easy and they aint english fish (dont bother with the ''all carp are foreign''cos its gay) I only get winter tickets as in past years its too busy any other time but now it should be better. Good Luck.
  8. Hope so, Ours is a 1 fish qualifier i reckon. Depends how big though. The semis and finals type of fishing (going on past tactics) are a bit.....i dunno....kind of not what im used to really. I almost feel like getting the match gear out if you know what i mean? Still excited though!
  9. Managed to get a place this year, a bit last minute really. Friend of mine had been planning it for a while and rang me the night before it was time to enrol! Qualifier is at Baden Hall (Staffs) some big fish to go at so should be interesting. Looking forward to the experience and im under no illusions as to how we will do. Has anyone fished at Baden?
  10. Buy everything Korda make, only use boilies from Mainline and try and cast as far as possible. Get a credit card and get into debt to buy the best kit money can buy, you can always sell it after your first blank session. Good luck
  11. Is there any way you could get them passed off health wise then get permission to put them in the local river? As poor as they may be condition wise, their offspring should be fine....Just a thought.
  12. As much as i dont agree with the only type of angling on Mainstream being this, id rather have some than none. At the Sandown show last year Hugh Miles said that Green is on because he appeals to more than JUST anglers, and the TV channels are reluctant to commision any shows that appeal to just anglers, hence the poor time slot Catching the impossible was given....shame really. What we need is a Celebrity Carper!!!
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