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  1. Jason (NVF), lots of people want to talk to you mate. Id suggest you start answering your phone and emails, it doesnt look good right now. Most people that have bought tickets from you think you have done a runner!
  2. 138cgj

    unsafe rig

    Nice one mate, this pic needs deleting OR Discussing thoroughly to make sure everyone knows what you mean. It is VERY Dangerous!
  3. Yes, Good times this season. New owner, halved the amount of pegs. Big fish to go at. No negatives really apart from it aint easy and they aint english fish (dont bother with the ''all carp are foreign''cos its gay) I only get winter tickets as in past years its too busy any other time but now it should be better. Good Luck.
  4. I wonder how easy it is to get decent quality, safe carp gear in OZ??? Perhaps thats why Gaz? Still, your right, its worth looking for a better net mate. You would be gutted to have ripped the scales from the flank of your PB carp just cos your net isnt up to it..
  5. Most id say the middle one, biggest are in the bottom one. All decent baits fished well will catch. Its regarded as one of the best floater waters around aswell. Security has been an issue in the past although the last time i walked it there was a HUGE Camera system on the engine house roof so maybe its real and things are now a little better.
  6. Wyreside, Personally id only fish Wyre lake (its day ticket now but used to be a ticket until early this year), but your the only one who knows what you want. Not exactly sure on the driving times from you but regardless its worth it! There is some absolute stunners in there! Proper ones aswell! Good Luck!
  7. Holy.......Ghost!! Wow, awesome catch mate, well done! How on earth someone could kill a beast like that is beyond me. Although i totally understand the reasons behind the killings and the laws its just a shame.
  8. Official reason was certain batches snapped on loop knots, they spent hours on the DVDs telling people to tie them and...SNAP!!! They brought out the stiff as a replacement which IMO is nowhere near as good, ive got half a spool of soft left and ill be gutted when its gone. I ALWAYS use loop knots and ive had no bother at all, some people did though. There is a point where the manufacturers have to recall products if there is an obvious issue, not a one off. It will be calculated in percentages and cost effectiveness i imagine. Cant you remember the last DVD??? Mr Fairbrass told people to use the little rig rings instead of loop knots, he never shut up about it!! Clever really as it means you will go buy the rig rings now even though the stiff is fine with loops.
  9. On the lighter, smaller diameter fluoros and monos the 'kick' the KK gives can be beneficial, the heavier, thicker lines seem arent so good though as the movement is even more restricted. Up until last year my PB was caught using a simple KK with fluoro
  10. I believe Cumbria hold some huge old characters, im afraid they would be EXTREMELY difficult to locate and would take a lifetime of effort to even scratch the surface. Ive heard rumours of carp in some of the big glacial lakes, feeding on the bread intended for the ducks but?... Commercial fishery wise, i have a book somewhere written by a local guy (Chris Sodo) and he lists all the fisheries in the area, trout,carp, rivers etc. Ill dig it out. I do remember contacting him about one particular water my uncle and i'stumbled' across whilst on holiday in the lakes. The water was called Holehird Tarn if i remember rightly? Anyway it was the stereotypical carp lake...Lily pads, clear spots, a little waterfall with perfect natural surroundings............ Chris Sodo had praised it in his book, old warrior carp pushing 30lb, stunning mirror carp, big tench etc. It sounded perfect. Sadly we were told that not long after the book was published the water, and several others in the area were ravaged by Otters Its never recovered.........
  11. Like me Saying that its not a rig i use so.....
  12. I doubt its an F1, They were 'created' specifically to fill a gap so to speak. A gap that you guys over there dont need filling. Plus they are size limited, an F1 that big would be a Record !! Saying that i dont know enough about fish breeding really so i await a response from someone who does.
  13. Oh well, you know what works mate. The fact that your thinking around the little issues shows it. I always thought the loops to the swivels should be a bit bigger to improve the movement of the supple section though? Saying that i doubt it would be an issue.
  14. Great minds think alike so they say.......
  15. And Zander, instead of the ring on the shank how about one of those rubber stopper thingys? Thats what i call them. Like 360 rig fame, if you get me?? Very subtle and would do same job but be more discreet.
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