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  1. Tango before setting off for the Peak District this week, at Revs and Relivs in Maltby.
  2. It was when I went for a look, a syndicate IIRC. But that was easily 15years ago, maybe nearer 20.
  3. Not heard anything about this for years. I went for a look round once, the owner was a "unique" sort of guy!
  4. Does anyone have any info about these 2 lakes in Market Rasen please? Behind the Land Rover dealer. I was thinking about taking a ride down for a shufti but lockdown put paid to that.
  5. This is Tango, my Z750. Just had new chain and sprockets, exhaust gaskets, service and MOT. I really hope I get out this year.
  6. Never used it, is it any option? Is it ok to use with PVA mesh?
  7. A pair of Microcat PVA enclosures. In fact, 2 sets of Microcat PVA enclosures, the missus forgot she had ordered a set for me for Christmas and they turned up today. I'd already bought some when she told me she'd forgotten to order them! On a completely unrelated point, does anyone want to buy a pair of Microcat PVA enclosures, brand new, never out of the packaging 😉
  8. Cheers for the replies. I have some soaked and boiled nuts currently soaking in betalin ready for the spring. Casting isn't a problem as I drop from a bait boat with a PVA bag enclosure. I'll be crushing and drying some for PVA bags.
  9. Cheers, I've been using very few tigers as free offerings, less than a dozen on each rod. The fish do spook off large beds of bait so I can imagine if there's a concerted baiting campaign they'll get fed up and avoid tigers in a pretty short space of time, hence why I'm looking for an edge over tigers before they blow. I did well last season on tigers but even better when i crushed them and mixed some hemp in too, as fas as i know no one else tried that so I'll keep on with the same approach but change to a brazil nut as hookbait on one or 2 rods and see what happens.
  10. Cheers, unfortunately I'm not the only one using them, they've been used on and off for years but came into their own last season. But the secret is out now and I've been chatting to a few other members, the consensus seems to be that a lot of them will be fishing tigers next season. I'll carry on with them on one or 2 rods but I reckon that brazils will give me an edge.
  11. Does anyone have a tried and tested brazil nut rig please? I'm looking to move away from tigers next season and fish Brazil's over a small amount of chopped tigers and hemp as a way to stay ahead of the curve, tigers have done well for a couple of seasons but are becoming known so I expect them to blow soon. I'm fishing tigers on a short, stiff D rig with 2 small pieces of ziglite foam and 2 undrilled tigers. Would something similar be viable for Brazils or should I look for something different? TIA
  12. If I still lived down that way (grew up around your neck of the woods and lived in Carshalton till about 15years ago) I'd be looking at the CEMEX/RMC tickets.
  13. Fished it once, early spring in Hooters. Look for the bar feature not too far out, it's deep, about 17ft IIRC. Took one fish on an overnighter, 27lb common. Can't remember what bait beyond it being a boilie over some particles.
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