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  1. Absolutely fantastic way to spend a day, when I float fish I find myself looking at the scenery and wildlife and missing bites though haha
  2. I dont fish with any vintage gear but I do something similar when I'm beating myself up when not catching many carp or just little ones, I will go out with just a single light rod small reel and a tub of maggots and go for roach and perch and just enjoy being beside a nice little water or a river and enjoy just catching what comes along
  3. Have been there before, was shocked by the difference when I pumped the tyres up got some good exercise for a little while but definitely happier when it's easier haha
  4. Have been dreaming on a powered barrow for a while, only real exercise I get is pushing my gear the mile I need to walk to my swims and im using a 3 wheel barrow so not even that bad haha
  5. Well damn I thought I was doing it wrong! Lake im fishing is only 3-4ft deep in the spots im using at the moment. Cheers for the advice 👍
  6. what rods did you opt for? I've been debating upgrading my current 12 footers but have been loving the 10fts as I'm on smaller waters
  7. I've always given an extra half a wrap or so on my spodding rod just to make sure it doesnt drop short not sure if thats actually the correct thing to do or not
  8. not that far really, the majority of the time on the current water is about 50-60 yards at the most extreme and around 40 for the majority of the casts I need to make. I'm not too bad on distance when casting just getting the [censored] where I want it always seems to land to the right of my spot and then I adjust and end up going left or landing on the blooming island lol
  9. Will have to pick one up and give it a go as I said my accuracy is all over the place and I'm currently fishing a shallow lake so the spread from the dot spod is barely anything especially as I'm on an all out boilie approach until the water get cold
  10. I saw the airbomb and thought it looked interesting, I'm fairly new to spodding and was recommended the dot spod by nash for accuracy and I'm still not brilliant at getting it where I want, do you think the airbomb would be a better option even though I'm not that accurate with casting?
  11. The solar pod was something I really wanted, I went with the pod made by Defiant MPS and never really use it. Single bank sticks are the one for me personally, solar gear is expensive but what I do have of theirs has always been top notch quality. Recently saw a set of solar bobbins on ebay for 350 quid though and just couldn't understand why the price was so high
  12. I dont really use bait screws much myself, have a fair few of them but always seem to reach for the micro swivels and bait floss for some reason
  13. as per title what is the best bit of tackle you have ever bought, something that changed up the way you fish or just something that's a dream to use? for me its the Solar Bow-Loc net, never saw the need for such an expensive net but got one second hand and its so much better for landing fish on my lonesome
  14. I've used vialin to very good success for smaller carp between 5-15lb for a cheap bulk bait many times and always darken it a bit, my dogs love it I mix it into their meals and catch my boxer burying his head into the bag when I leave it out but then again my boxer will eat anything that goes. He got into a bag of squid and octopus fishmeal boilies once and my god the farts were awful. That [censored]ed me off more than losing a chunk of my bait.
  15. I have a set of GT4 3lb 10fts and love them, never had any real big fish on them, 19lb being the biggest so far with them and I'm no means an expert but they feel great and I thought they were worth the money
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