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leighton pools wolverhampton

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Hi guys new to this site

Just want to say i fish leighton regular and ive never seen deformed or abused fish. A lot of people i have spoken to who have fished there have given up after one session saying theres no fish in there. I fishe a whole year there without a bite but i learned how and where to fish the right spots and i havent blanked this year biggest being 22. All i can say to new comers is keep trying and dont let it beat ya !

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guys have booked another session so we'll see as i said i had already retracted my 1st comment


When you there then? Let us know how you get on, if you blank again which is very easily possible still dont let it put you off the place, unless you only go so often that you want a runs water every time you go, if not, its worth waiting for :wink:

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popped round an had a mose round the pool a few years ago and was impressed with what i saw.few mates of mine have fished it an had a few nice lumps out an pike :) clive who was the owner then seems a nice chap who caters for all types of anglers,he was constructing a pool for sturg when i was there,if you boys are going on for a social give me a shout,would be nice to meet you an keep the gold flag flying high :D

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