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Copied from a PM I sent when somebody asked the same question

No problem happy to help.


I tie a Uni knot in the end of the line to create the loop, this is the braid or mono that I use for the hair to rig ring. Put the bait in loop and then pull it tight so that the bait won't move. I then tie a Blood knot to the rig ring and blob the end with a lighter. May take a little bit of practice as I occasionally do make a boob and blob the line and have the whole lot melt away



Can be a bit difficult if you need a really short hair, although you can remove the bait to tie it onto the rig ring, although with Mono I have found that I can get a gap of 5mm max with bait attached already, which suits me


Hope that helps and explains it ok, if not let me know and I'll see if I can explain it any better.


So from Tony's explanation and mine, his is the easiest version.

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