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  1. I've heard that baiting each windward corner of the lake could bring results. Anyone had experience doing this?
  2. I heard a rumour that Jim Shelley lost the Black Mirror at the net. i wonder how he recocvered from that one?
  3. Ill tell you when i lose one So far 100percent record every carp ive caught has been landed. i put it down to luck more than skill, oh and the fact that ive been carp fishing for just over a year lol
  4. I was wondering if there is a database that the public could maybe use, to find out about fish stockings in lakes. from what im aware every stocking needs reporting? cheers Dale
  5. Size 8 What size bait are you using? i use 18mm or 20mm with size 5 and size 4 hooks.
  6. Agreed increase the hair length, basic physics really. be warned though ive hooked a few pasties in the belly etc... as they get frustrated that they cant eat the bait, they roll on the bottom and somemtimes pick up the hook. or if your not short on money or bait then feed them off with particles in another area of the lake.
  7. I still dont understand why you are losing your baits. i fish a water with loads of silvers and have left them out over 24 hours. what bait and size are you using?
  8. How about arma mesh? on another note i leave my rods out for as long as it takes. as long as im confident they are in the right place.
  9. A uncaught carp is an easier carp to hook in my opinion. i came up with this conclussion when i hooked a pristine 23lb common that some how evaded capture. its believed that you can tell that a carp hasn't been hooked because of the flap of skin in there mouth. some people believe that this disappears after the hook penetration wound heals. i believe this to an extent, but i think it takes a few hookings for it to deteriate. so if the carp has never been caught or the flap of the skin is large then the hook has something else to catch on. as wilfster said some carp have softer mouths because the lake is silty etc... and some have harder mouths because they feed on gravel etc... the lake im on now i can tell which carp prefer grubbing around in the silt and the ones who prefer the cleaner areas. the ones who are regular silt grubbers as i call them have jet black mouths where the silt has stained them. just something else i thought i would throw in
  10. Chris. How do you plan to fish for them in the future? would a float work? something else i read a while back, was popping up the tubing vertically off the lakebed with a corkball. i assume this is running along the line of if the carp can see it they will avoid it, but if they pick it up they will spook. they might feed totally different in open water though?
  11. What makes you think this? Well from what im aware were the only species on the planet that has consious thoughts?
  12. Nick. Just something you mentioned there about tubing maybe feeling more natural. I sometimes fish a easy venue where carp rigs aren't to common, mainly side hooked baits on ledger bombs and straight through mainline. when the hype was around about running rigs on straight through mainline, i thought i would take the rigs to this venue. i caught, but bites were taking longer than anticipated. so i got out the anchor tubing which stood out like a sore thumb on the gravel/sandy bottom. i wasn't to bothered though and takes were coming thick and fast. couldnt really explain it unless they were shying off the line?
  13. I would be interested in these camo pics i believe i havn't seen them yet. Do you have any links?
  14. Surely no carp is that smart? Are you sure their actually checking for rig's/Line or is that the way they just feed for the sake of it? They havn't got consious thoughts, so how can they think about what they are doing? The same as camo, they might see everything on the lake bed, but surely they don't know what any of it is? This is something that has fascinated me ever since starting carp fishing, the main question is how smart is a carp? I'm not doubting your observations in any way, but im sure a lot of camo and how smart a carp actually is, is just hyped up.
  15. Any chance you could expand on that statement? My survey of what rig to put out is based on length more than anything else. I have now grown comfortable with fishing a curve shank hook on a simple knotless knot rig made out of supernova. Mainly because i rushed into the hype of rig making without understanding it and just got my self confused From what i can figure out is the rig should be decided on the lake bed and the food item you are using. My basic rule of thumb is if in silt then use a longish rig especially if fishing boilie, but what happens if you fish silt with particles? as they say smaller food items you should use a small rig as the carp are not moving and could eject a long rig very easily. Then gravel ban its clean you can shorten the rig because of no chance of the rig burying. Am i correct in saying that? Its the same with the lead system, that should be decided on what the lake bottom is, shouldn't it? as i feel a lead clip inline etc.... is virtually useless in silt or soft clay etc... as the lead goes first which could leave the hooklink swivel buried and making the presentation awfull. Whats your views guy's?
  16. I tend to disagree with the theory of the biggies sitting on the sideline watching the smaller carp feed. maybe they happen to be in the area, but i dont think they do it in spite. it all comes down to sustaining weight, the smaller carp are more energetic leading to them travelling quicker and further distances than larger carp. which leads them to finding bait quicker, they also fill up quicker so they take their required food to weight ratio and move on. they quickly use up the energy from the previous meal so they might stop for another feed. the process continues. now take the larger carp hes a bit slow and old so not as energetic as the smaller carp so doesnt use up as much energy. now instead of having a few mouthfulls a day this guy will munch out on a lot of bait and not feed again for a while. now being slower his movements are easier to track and guess when his next meal is needed. you can use this to your advantage give him the bait he requires and his head wont be coming up again. the chances are when he is around a group of smaller carp feeding he just isnt hungry! majority of the time captures of large carp away from the baited area are on pop ups which tap into his consious. he might not be hungry, but his curiousity kicks. i dont think it has anything to do with them being smart, clever etc.....
  17. Its the same as attacking someone who is robbing your own home. you could be charged with an number of things. i have permission to shoot on the owners land and have a full valid license. the police are making an appearance every now and then, but thats mainly because of people stealing carp for dinner. in a way i agree with what your saying, but in another i dont i would prefer a good amount of protection if things come to the worse. as the police wont get there as quick as we need them.
  18. Waders are on my list of things to get atm. just short on cash bloke turned up on a work party the other day with a pair of chesties he had bought from Aldi for a £5 dunno if they still do em or not i have never been to Aldi but could be worth a try nice one ill check it out
  19. Whats the verdict on backleads and indication then? someone on here must use them?
  20. why because not every fishing situation requires a slack line.
  21. I have a air rifle never had to use it thankfully, but there has been a bit of trouble at the lake im on now. its sad that we need to take weapons, but i will never fish on my own with out it. i got all my gear insured mainly because im accident prone more than anything else.
  22. So backleads and float stops. anyone know what indication is like on straight through mainline with a running lead and using a backlead? cheers
  23. Waders are on my list of things to get atm. just short on cash
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