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Murpys lake


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14 hours ago, Scotty1430 said:

im hearing some bad things now after booking it up for may

You're supposed to do the research before you book fella 😅

Never been, but there used to be a thread on another forum I know that contained lots and lots of horror stories from customers☹️

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We done a week here 4 years ago, weather was freezing where as the week before had been mid 20's so didnt help the fishing. Nice enough lake, shower facilities are a good 20 min walk away at their house, but id say murphy and Mrs ,murphy are an acquired taste, spent most of the week drinking and smoking our cigarettes, food ok most of the time but hit and miss on what time it turned up

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Thanks for that bud, we back now, was a trip from hell, food package was a joke, portion sizes were child like, 3 course meal was like 3 onoion rings for starter and a yogurt for dessert. Toilet was a portaloo you cldnt put loo roll in, so it was bunch up and put in bin on way out, 6 blokes using all week you can imagine the stench and flies, lake is only worth fishing from roadbank or point, cabins and caravan are dead swims, no life hardly ever...... Union jack baits are odourless, wether we were sold old bait i dont know, but it defo didnt smell like pinnaple at all...... Murph and shell are great couple, and will do anything for you, just cld do with not false advertising food package..... It was bit like boot camp. 

Go steady

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