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Back lead on canal for pike

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Not for pike fishing.

You need instant indication, and backleads reduce that. You are better off float paternostering, having a float than ledgering.




11 hours ago, motherhooker said:

Hi all 

Need advice I live near a canal which does see some boat traffic. I was wondering if I could back lead so that I'm not bringing the rod in every five minutes 

Your thoughts please



I fish a tidal river with regular boats going across to and from the island. If I ledger a bait I get the rod tip underwater and under the boats, or ledger almost along the bank.


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On 20 November 2018 at 13:09, motherhooker said:

Thanks lads


You are welcome.


Something for you, the float can be quite handy as rowing, sailing or even barges and general motorboats try to avoid the float, however racing canoeists go over the darn things, no care or looking where  they are going. If it is up to halfway over you push them away to the far side on a canal. 

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