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Manchester Airport


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There are a few pools along wood lane near to Manchester Airport


does  anyone know which clubs rus them& could you please let me know





rus? I'm not sure what that word means. MTIA? This isn't facebook, Many thanks in advance, that did not kill me. carp fishing is about patience, if I have the patience to sit and watch a rod for 12 hours then I have the patience to write my posts on a forum in English without having to resort to shortcuts.

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Really gentlemen?! I thought this was meant to be a nice forum! Rus is quite clearly a typographical error meaning runs and as for mtia....... plenty of people on here use shortened versions of words without being called out..... not really any need for it is their.



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This was going to be my response but beaten to it by a pleasant, friendly answer.


Gentlemen, think on. This forum has always set out to be helpful and friendly. Certain members are already skating on very thin ice.


Try not to fall through.




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Don't know the pools by the airport.... a google search brought up a bit of info regarding trout !

The big Carp and Pike are still on the bridgy..... all over tbf just make sure you either go with a mate or choose your stretch wisely .... the Kellogg's is still a popular stretch

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