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JRC "Contact" Barrow.....

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Missus says she'll buy me a barrow for Crimble and I've seen this one.




Seems ideal for the shorter sessions I generally do, and folds up really easily, (watch the video!), and quite small, which is what I'm after.

Anyone one here use one/seen one in action or have other suggestions??

Not looking for anything too massive, the longest session I am likely to do over here is a 48 but usually I'm a 24hr merchant.

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JRC one looks good to me. I like the mesh bit behind the front bar. Able to put smaller stuff on it without needing a chair or something as a base first. I've had a fair bit of JRC stuff. Always been pretty good. :)

I've had a few bits of JRC stuff over the years and always been happy with it.

This one is good because it folds down to a really small size, which would please the wife as we don't have a lot of storage space at home....

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Have a look at the Carpzone barrow , i had one until i went electric and couldnt fault it.


I nearly bought one of those a couple of years ago Dayvid, but stopped fishing the venue where a barrow was a necessity so didn't bother in the end.

It does review well.

But the JRC caught my eye as it looks a little more compact, and folds down really small (and easily!).

I haven't used a barrow in the past, preferring to fish as light as I can, but now that I've joined White Cottage I can see me doing a lot more overnighters so I'm thinking I've now got to get equipped with one.

I think my minds made up on the JRC, just wanted to see if anyone else on here had one mate.

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Smufter apologies for the hijack...... but after going for a session on Sunday I realised that my trolley/barrow isn't rite for me, soooo.......this is where you lot can hopefully help I stand 6'2" and my barrow just sits at the wrong height meaning I'm walking hunched over....can anyone of similar height or anyone with a good idea point me towards a barrow that sits high and is more comfortable for the taller gents? I really don't fancy a bad back from something that I love



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Hello Smufter 


Sorry for the delay in replying , I have the JRC Contact Barrow .


I'm very happy with it .

It folds up in half ( you could really do with an extra pair of hands , but you soon get the knack of using your knees ! ) and  the wheel removes quickly .


The only problem is that I could do with being taller or  having shorter arms as I find the back legs sometimes catch on the ground so I have to bend my arms where I really want to have straight arms .


Maybe this is the Barrow for you also , Spr  :?:


Hope the above helps .



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Hello Nathan

It was me that mentioned the back legs hitting the floor .

I hardly use my Barrow , but the last time I did I made sure my Rod Bag was positioned well forward so I could get as close as possible to the Barrow ; although I still had to bend my arms so the back legs didn't ground occasionally the weight was further foreword and it didn't seem to take as much effort to push the Barrow .

Oh I'm about 5ft 8ish so your extra height could well make all the difference .


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