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Hi gents (where to go)

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Hi all


Ive been looking at a number of fisheries, Merrington, Whelford, Linear, Horseshoe etc..... along with many more,


This is where i need help!


Where in your opinion (shropshire. Worcester, Gloustershire) would you like to fish most for a social.


Thanks guys i could really do with some help here :D

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I'd be up for a social! Get to meet a few of you guys! Pick up a few tips in person!


Im not expert but i do know that linear are having troubles with weeds at the minute, however the oxlieghs lakes are fairly clean. There was also a junior carp angling competition with some 200 anglers there last week, so the lakes (less for oxlieghs) have been preasured and piled with bait.


Whelford isnt the easiest lake to fish but has some 800 carp in the day ticket lakes, upto 38lbs. Can post up prices and some pictures if needs be. Whelford covers 4 achres on the day ticket waters and has some very nice scenary, a lot of margins & over hang to fish too! Onsite tackle shed that does cheap food, tackle and bait (freezer & shelflife) and toilets, showering and washing facilities all of which are literally a two minute walk from the day ticket lakes. Free secure lit up car parking facilities etc.

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