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bon voyarge


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Yep! We had those frogs too, they sounded like Predator from the movies going all night! I also made the mistake of turning a white headlamp on at night the day the mozzies appeared in droves, think my face was covered by the things within about 5 seconds! :evil:


I'm almost certain we returned with about 30'000 of those ants in our rod bags and kit as well :)

i set my bivvy under a weeping willow and all night i had it dripping on my bivvy, frogs croaking, mozzies biteing, it almost pushed me over the top :D


Your trip sounds so identical to mine it's uncanny!

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I had 5 personally mate. 28, 33, 41.06, 40.08 and the 50.07.


Two of the lads I was with had over 25 fish each :shock:


2 cats of 109lb and 126lb came out as well :)


Here's the 126lb. That's me on the far left looking rather bewildered whilet holding a rather token part of the fish :wink:


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