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  1. Don't bother with the place pal £250 for the season. Two thirty in there over 75 acres with probably only 150 fish in there. No toilets. Bloke who runs it is a money grabbing Muppet and ain't bothered about the fisherie wotsoever oh yeah there's a otter or two to contend with as well. My honest opinion..... stay well clear. Looks a lovely place but looks can be deceiving... think there's a bit on facebook about it. Please check it out first
  2. I have thr trident as, and i cant fault it one bit, combined with a winter skin,,,, jobs a good un
  3. slimysime

    Get in!!!

    well done pal 20lb 8oz was it a wide fish pal ?
  4. Trakker trident as, very light and easy to erect 5mins max
  5. Cheers jamie when my lad gets home ill ask him to put them up, theres a video of the fish as well which is awesome you cant judge the size until it turns on its side then you get to se how big it really is
  6. How many fish did you manage to catch pal
  7. i set my bivvy under a weeping willow and all night i had it dripping on my bivvy, frogs croaking, mozzies biteing, it almost pushed me over the top
  8. Couple of days while there pal hit mid 20's, feet in the lake drinking cold beer and steak baguettes but oh my god the frogs at night drove me mad, along with the mozzies and if your listening coops the ants you warned me about earlier they are evil things, but all in all a great experience one i shall never forget
  9. I think that lake was right next to us my freind, we were at la fritterie
  10. Where abouts did you go pal
  11. Thanks for all of your kind regards gents that trip will be with me always, still cant beleive it all cracked off at the last minute
  12. Cheers pal it was well worth the wait im back over next year
  13. Well lads im back home in sunny england we arrived at the lake sataday to find conditions perfect, we wer'nt at the lodge looking out at the lake more than two minutes when a huge lump popped up no more than 40 yards out , well i picked my swim which looked very very carpy, no runs or even liners for two days so after having a walk around the lake and spotted a few huge fish moving about and decided to move, by this time some of the lads were catching every day 40's 50's and tues a 60 came out and i still had'nt caught by thursday i still had'nt caught anything and was considering hanging myself with some 45lb braid from the nearest tree, i decided to go for a little mooch receiver in hand to see if i could spot one amongst the snags when my left rod screemed off, 10 minutes later a 32lb mirror was on the bank finally i could relax, the lads did the vids/photos and doused my with bucket of water, nothing came out friday but sataday morning 3 hours before i was due to go my middle rod which had been out without moving it for two days over a baited spot on a cell pop up screemed off, after a huge battle in the dark imanaged to slip the net under a fish, after taking out the hook and making it safe i still did'nt know the weight putting her on the scales the reubens wound round to 50,3oz, three hours to go and ive managed to land a 50, oh my god ive hit the 50 club, to say i was happy is a underestatment im still buzzing now, photos will follow cheers lads
  14. Im off lads 1 week in la fritterie, ill keep you up to date if i do catch anything see you all when i get back, 2hrs to go before my pick up
  15. Im with Beanz on this one......If even half the profit from years of paying out shareholders and giving huge Bonus's to bosses that dont deserve them and whose salaries make them obscene, had been spent on their Companys Infrastructure then this problem whouldnt be anywhere near as it apparently is............ Not being sheepish here but totally agree, how these people sleep at night astounds me. please somebody dont say very comfortable in there 500,000 surrey mansion
  16. Its now actually taking the mick, it's been raining now for 5 days where i live heavily and the weather bird still says it's not even touching the reservoirs
  17. Bait arrived yesterday lads and very nice it looks and smells too, im off to france friday so hope it does the biz, ill keep you all posted, im that excited now i cant sleep at nights, i might have to lend one of my mums valium tablets to make me sleep
  18. Hi all has anybody ordered anything from them before, there doin a deal but was wandering if anybody had any dealings with them
  19. slimysime


    HH just a quikie why dont you go on the tunnel, were goin fri for a week and the tunnel crossing is £130 return, also if nyouve got a smartphone get a french translation app free, as said before take bacon and buy fags over there along with stella, im not counting here but ive got 84 hrs and 35 minutes and can't wait, the lad had the big girl out there 4 weeks ago at 71lb, but it came out again last week at 75lb
  20. Not sure at the moment pal, but i bet we will be back to square 1 in a couple of weeks time if we dont get more rain
  21. Mick im with you here pal, slinging and banking a crane in biblical weather aint fun either, by 8.00 this morning you could have rang my boxers out, despite wearing waterproofs great to get home and climb into a hot bath
  22. All the best pal, have you got a pal who can give you some support and help you at fishing you'd be supprised how much a pal can help take some of the pain away and may help you forget some of your troubles, there may even be a member on here near you mate
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