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Blue Pool Telford!!

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The carpark can be a bit iffy although its not as bad as it used to be. I never really had to many problems fishing the place but i did know all the nutters around there at the time lol. I would go chat to a few lads fishing it and see what they have to say.

If you are looking for a quiet water it aint the place for you.

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ive never done an overnight here,well have to sort a social :D

ive had 3 carp in a handful of morning visits


1 of 8lb ish on pva bag 1 rod out and 2 just under 15lb 1 on 7ft zig and other bottom boilie which was 2ish rods out from other side


i think i may have said hello shooter had a wander round saturday


think my next visit ill have 2 rods for carp and my spod for cats

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I was there thurday and friday night.... i was with the lad that had the Cat! three of us fished it, my mate had 2x carp to 18lb and a 7lb cat and i had a 10lb carp!


didnt realise that was you there shooter! you didn't stay another night in the end then?

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We were towards the middle! but next time will work on the margins. Shooter who was also there, he was casting to the far bank (around 10ft from it) and done it bit better....considering he done one night, had 2 and snapped 5 or 6 times.


We didn't get the peg we wanted either, we wanted to go on the long bank on the one side but someone was there when we arrived

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