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unsafe rig


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after looking though the links nicks added to dannys chod thread i couldnt help but notice the closest pic to the info he was after was this pic.............



but NEVER NEVER attach the top bead through the side with a needle while using a leadcore or any leader. use a float stop or shrink tube...any thing that will just hold the top bead on the cast but also allow the ring to pass over and freely move the top bead if the ever the chance that it needs to free from the fish

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I think most people are becoming aware that anything incorporating leadcore is potentially dangerous. Even if used correctly, if the line breaks above the leader the fish is left towing leadcore - the weight of which keeps pressure on the hook making it harder to for the fish to get rid of the hook and therefore the leader. Also the broken away leader will eventually gather debris and start to get clogged up as the fish tows it around - worse case snagging/tethering the fish completely. Even with so called 'safe' helicopter rigs (even when put together properly) they may work in theory / on your bivvy floor before casting...but... all it needs is a bit of rubbish in the water - weed or what ever to catch around the beads and the hooklink can't discharge effectively in the event of a break off.

In my opinion leaders are dangerous full stop, whatever they are, and should only be used when absolutely necessary (shock for long casts or snag for severe snags). Weighted tubing in all its forms is so good now as an alternative for leadcore and / or flurocarbon line for close to medium range eliminates the need for lead core completely.

I think the only reason for leadcores' continued popularity is because of chod' rigs and well known anglers continuing to promote its use. Do most of us use benthooks now?..... no!!!!! Leadcore should be viewed in the same light! Take a look here http://www.carptalk-online.co.uk/images/onetoomany.pdf


Any rig can be dangerous - true, and a carp could tether itself even on line without any leader attached. But surely the more knots you have between the hook and the rod the more the potential for something unwanted to happen!! Isn't it strange that many fishery owners ban leaders...( look at the link are you surprised they ban them!!) yet tackle companies still defend them!!! Unfortunately with so many 'vested' interests in the sales of carp fishing tackle, most of the time it is impossible to get a true unbiased view....very difficult for the new anglers coming into the sport!

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I think everyone and his dog know my views on Leadcore (I hate the stuff), but I have to give the option for people to choose.


I can definitely see the side on bead in this instance, and Beanz and I have had a discussion about another rig published where a bead appeared to be pierced sideways (it wasn't).


I think that that is in itself part of the "instant" problem, the relative ease of which the Chod rig is seen as the be all and end all answer to carp fishing.


The actual rig I wanted Danny to look at was this one:


Helicopter Silt Rig Set-UP:



It then gives the option of using a leadcore or fluoro leader if required (which as most seem to agree is not), or tubing, which as long as all the beads and swivel should be able to slide up and over any knot the fish is not trailing any dangerous tackle which may cause a tethering in the event of a break-off

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