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  1. This is apparently the offensive fish!!!
  2. I have found this thread and wondered if anybody since 2014 has had further information on the place.
  3. Why have Spurs become the most hated club this season????
  4. Pay mine by DD so never forget even though in all the years I have had one I have been checked twice and on the 2nd time I forgot my new licence but had all my previous ones so they could check quickly to prove I have had one.
  5. I cannot reply what I am thinking to that.... I'd get banned for swearing!! But we all know that the Spammers like to spoil our party tonight...... can only see us getting a point or losing tonight!!! Need Swansea & Liverpool to do us a favour
  6. There are plenty of lakes in Essex and also depends on how far you wish to travel really. I is unfortunately an Essex Chap ..... so ask away.... I don't bite
  7. I'm planning a quite couple of sessions at my local BDAC club waters this weekend...may tough out an overnighter depending on what weather we might have lol
  8. New Barrow brought at the weekend from Diem at the Brentwood Show, well chuffed
  9. How good is your memory - how did you do ???
  10. I think most premier league teams have paid over the odds for one or two!!!! Its not all about sell on value its also about how much they have invested in that player....... Daniel Sturridge is only worth 25p...... but because his physio bill is 16m his price goes up
  11. All English players are over priced...I mean 12 or 14m for Townsend is a joke but hey rip the Geordie arms off!!!! Ali is the real deal and has the players around him to keep him grounded, Lennon had an issue before he came to WHL
  12. This is an age old question which I doubt will ever be answered but think of it this way: 1) Carp or any Fish, do they have a memory or is it just habit? 2) If you have a pond, why do Koi always come to the top when they see people...... they think they are getting fed do they not???
  13. Its not a bad area at all unless it's gone down hill within the year!!!! The fishery has had a bad name ever since I believe Steve Bond (I think that was the fish importer???) ran it as a Garlic water .... since then despite new owners nobody has turned the water around as it still lets the odd noddy on but the garlic is still fresh with the odd Koi & Goldfish in there for scenery!!! If the new owners turn it around then good luck to them, but whilst you are still living off the old illegally imported fish in there then people's opinion will not change.
  14. Just want to throw it out there but the Common Carp was not a Native fish to England anyway.... it was Native to Asia!!
  15. Never Have Never Will and i am local to it as well...... carp Smell very bad mainly of Garlic ....oh and Hercules the resident Catfish can only be landed by boat, last caught well over 100lb and there are others in there as well. Just looked on the website its now got new owners again and Hercules and grown legs again and is no longer there http://oaklodgefishery.co.uk/
  16. Yes...share the wealth of food next time !!!!
  17. Have Fun in the winds...at least it will be warm
  18. I thought it was for Slugs & Snails!!! Laser Pens work but you have to be quick
  19. This is not the lake I am on about, but I am already fishing the BDAC Lake (Jackletts Farm). The weed was the best part of the lake, shame all but a small amount has been removed now. This L.A.S Lake I am on about is on Willow Grove Road about 5 minutes from Shaw Farm
  20. I have been fishing Jackletts quite a bit and this place can be hit and miss from what I have seen, I have had quite a few out up to 16lb but all I hear about is people catch multiple 20's in a day.
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