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  1. another vote for Daiws for me! I have the regal plus 5000 reels and their great!
  2. wondering weather or not to just send it back now after all these horror stories!
  3. I must say that I always use my chub floatation retainer with my decent fish captures that I want to photo, makes life so much easier! Catch fish, land it in the net, take the hook out on mat, put in the retainer in the margins whilst you set up all your camera gear and let the fish rest in the water, then only remove it from the water once everything is ready! makes life SO much easier! I wouldnt be without mine now
  4. You certainly arent the only one with this prroblem! I am constantly on ebay looking, buying watching items, some of which I would never buy but just in case! I have gone into my local tackle shop to get some bait for a trip fishing and ended up coming out with a new bedchair, landing net, sleeping bag and more end tackle than I would need for a week in France! Its addictive this carp game. I think it has something to do with the in built gadget gizmo thingymebob love in us!
  5. Personally Id go for a second hand pair of windcasts for that money. Ive seen em go on ebay for around that. you have to be very pro active in finding them though!
  6. The well known auction site usually has good deals on 3 rods for like £99 or so
  7. Yes I get what you mean about stick to proven ones! I just feel that sensor stretched an awful lot and thought there must be somenthing out there that will suit me for what I want so I guess its a case of trial and error untill you find the one your happy with! Problem is as with most things nowadays there is far to many options, products and selections! Tight lines!
  8. oh dont start telling me the horror stories now! what happened?
  9. Well ive just ordered some Sub Line in 15lb green £19.99 1000m spool delivered which I think is good value! Not heard many, if any bad things about it yet and one of my mates raves on about it so I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on with it!
  10. Re-hydrating is a great way to boost the attraction levels, I would personally use hemp oil or a liguid that matched your baits, the sticky krill liquid is another great one for this
  11. I must say I have a set of 3lb widows and to be honest they are very well made rods for the money, ive had mine for about 3 years now and they are great! good fish playing and nice to cast too! For the money you cant go wrong!
  12. Yes I'm also hearing good things about the subline! 1000m for £20 also sounds good! Ive heard X-line is quite wirey, so that puts me off tbh! Can I ask what B/S you were using?
  13. Hi Guys, I am looking for a good mainline to use. I have mainly used Daiwa sensor, 10lb to light, 15lb okay for what i have used it for but i find it far too stetchy and doesnt sink all that great. I have tried Yo-zuri hybrid line in 12lb, used it once and had it snap off 3x just on casting! didnt get on with it at all! Just tried the fox illusion xs 15lb and didnt get on with that either! fished a quite weedy, snaggy lake and after a few casts it was falling to bits literally! I want a line that doesnt cost the earth (tiger line) has minimal stretch and sinks well and is preferably fairly supple. does such a line exist! I have heard a lot of good things about gardener gt80 gr60 etc, i'm not sure what the difference is between the 2 mind. I have also seen some people mention P-line? however im not sure what this is or what it stands for? What do you guys use and would recommend?
  14. Im in the same boat - its bad up here for fishing! Try: Lakeside fishery - Ranskill Not the best pegs mid, infact some of the worst ive ever seen! lol try getting you bivvy pegs into hardcore! Hardwick Hall Lakes
  15. You hit the nail on the head here, she doesnt work, she never goes out for herself hardly ever, even though i encourage her to, she says oo i cant leave the kids with u! What if they get upset, shes very anxious person and has never left the kids overnight with me incase they were to get upset! So im not sure exactly what to do!
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