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  1. All your replies are helping guys atm . We have had a few bad experiences trying new places which has always brought us back to our fave place about 30 mins from home . To be honest we are grateful for any fish on a day session , be nice to go where we have a good chance of banking some high doubles maybe low 20's to beat our pb's , but then as u may of seen from the pics section any carp we land puts a smile on our face lol
  2. Thanks for all the replys , too be honest we just fancy a change of scenery . We haven't fished many open water places , mainly islands and smaller commercials . We did try barston as its right around the corner from lavender hall , but the day was just so wrong driving rain super cold and uneventful , so would like to go back . We just haven't open water fished and as yet dont have marker floats or spod , however just got a new bait boat . I keep going on fisheries.co.UK and trawling through them and just haven't settled on one . We also went to hollyhurst and caught a few last year but no toilets for us lasses and almost got shot by farmers who were practically shooting at anything that moved . We gave pool hall a call and I spoke to the owner who said the runs and the spec lake have all been knocked into one again now and the dam has been fixed and sorted . We just don't kno , we have three days to fish next week . Would like to try riddins asas mentioned don't mind smaller venues that said we like a place with a good ish chance at catching . I don't mind putting the work in either to put a few on the bank but am desperate to beat 21lb lol and Sarah is trying to beat 18lb . Anymore places u can think of let us kno , were halesowen based and can travel 45 mins but don't fish over nite just day sessions Thanks Laws n sar
  3. were from halesowen and normally drive about half hour to lavender hall as its our fave place , but we want to try a few new places out we like the look of riddings and also Pool Hall . have checked some reviews out for pool hall and a few years ago they were abit hit and miss after they split the lake however that was 2 years ago . We like the idea of the runs water there and the fact it has a speccy lake . Was riddings nice ? we also wanna be able to try our new bait boat out and some places dont allow it . any other suggestions ? thanks Laws
  4. I have been given a list of places to try fishing when we went to fosters of birmingham today i wondered if any of you guys had fished them and can shed some light on them : Earlswood lakes (which lake for good big carp / runs ) Drayton reservior Riddings speccy lake Pool Hall in trescot Kingsbury water park I have had a look at the riddings place online but cant find anywhere that sheds light on their rules . Earlswood im unsure of which lake is ok and the others i havent heard of . Any help much appreciated thanks Law
  5. thanks for your replies guys , we didnt manage to settle on a new place for last thursday so went over to lavander hall again and had a cracking day , will add some pics in the pics section . Planning on going down to devon to visit family next week and plan on fishing town park fisheries near totnes , has anyone heard of it ? Will bear all your suggestions in mind and go and have a look at a few for sure
  6. Looking for a new place to go around the birmingham surrounding area's . We normally fish lavender hall or alvechurch fisheries , have tried hollyhurst lakes and barston . Any other places ? we like to fish boilies and have two rods , some places are restrictive in terms of rules and dont allow bolies or two rods . Looking to beat personal bests of 20.5lb , any help would be great , ta Laura
  7. Just came across this forum hai! Me and the other half are looking for some new places to fish this year . Our usual haunts are Alvechurch fisheries and Lavender Hall . I love both places and have had some really nice fish from both , but feel the need to try new places . We have tried Hollyhurst lakes before for a day session and the place was nice , however some farmers came down weilding shot guns after the birds with no regards to safety pointing the gun at anythin moving in the sky , it kinda put me off! Ideally would like somewhere with a cafe and loo's! (yes i am a woman fishing and yes i hav fallen into the brambles in the rain before now when there arent toilets!) Any ideas or great places ? Only been carp fishing for over a year and biggest is 21lb , need to beat that this year . We do have a week booked at wildmoor *gasp!* we booked it before i read reviews and we have booked top lake which i havent heard any comments good or bad , so im gonna try it before i knock it! Any help greatly appreciated thanks Laws
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