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  1. Dont worry about not contacting me, I went for a walk on Sunday around 3pm and all i spoke to echo what you said above, no one was catching, and those that did where few and far between, it started raining and my daughter was moaning she was cold so we did not walk as far as the point, its a funny old place, I will fish it from time to time to get my daughter some practice, good luck finding another venue Bowza
  2. I'll just go fish it for you shall I Bowza
  3. try Stanwick lakes they have a 12 man lake called mallard decent fish Bowza
  4. I spoke to the lad who was collecting litter, alot of the guys who are bivvied up are there till saturday afternoon regards Bowza
  5. they have lowered the water so you can bivvy up on the sandy mud infront og the boards, the water was too low to fish safely from the boards but not enough space on the mud to setup, so night fishing should be easier for the next few weeks Bowza
  6. I would consider stanwick lakes in northamptonshire, choice of mallard or elsons both well worth the visit Bowza
  7. not a problem fella, I think Ive said before if you can get close to the Boats on the right hand side, or on around the point on the left, both should produce fish from the middle and depending on wind surface fishing is very productive, the res seems to pick up after 3pm so dont be dis heartened if slow during the early part of the day, night time is mental from all accounts never been brave enough to try it, if I did I would proberbly drop to one rod, dont ignore close in either at night, think of all the food that gets kicked nocked in off those boards, have a top session, the bailiff will fetch takeaway food from the local chippie sometimes, if he not busy, its not cheap though Good luck Bowza
  8. water is as high as ive seen it during summer months, no beach out front of the boards on either side on Wednesday when I drove past Bowza
  9. unlike my local pool I fish, I would want the wind behind me on drayton, so fish where u can with the wind at your back Bowza
  10. depends on wind conditions, the left hand point is popular, and on the right side as close to the boat as you can get as the water is up and if it goes up any more the next few days I would drop one under the boards at your feet Good luck Bowza
  11. check your other thread, put prices in that one for you Bowza
  12. a I just rang the info line for you , 24 hour night ticket is £25 2 rod maximum rule, £6 one rod, 2nd rod £4 for day sessions Good luck let us know how you get on Bowza
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