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  1. To be honest I quite like the idea of resting swims. It gives you the chance of baiting an area and then leaving it alone for a while and therefore letting the fish build up confidence feeding on your bait. Quite a few times when I've started fishing the swim again I have caught very quickly. It's easy to do if you fish a quiet lake, not so easy if you are restricted to just one swim.
  2. Just splashed out on a new bedchair, went for a trakker 6 legged one. Got a great deal online for that. Also got some snag ears and the NGT carp cradle. Just waiting for delivery on it all now!
  3. What are your thoughts on the NGT cradle mate? I was thinking of getting one.
  4. What are your thoughts on it mate? I was looking at them and thinking of getting one.
  5. Blimey, that looks excellent. Is that bit of water accessible to the public or will you have it all to your self?
  6. Be interested to hear how the session went. I'm not too far from the lake either and have looked around it and it does look lovely.
  7. Along with a couple of rod licences today I've just ordered a Diablo. Saw one on demonstration at "The Big One" the other week and was very impressed. Was never gonna buy one there though as they wanted £18 for it. Got mine for a few pence over £13 on Amazon
  8. I joined last week at "The Big One". Obviously i'ts a great cause and the work they do for our sport is brilliant but They were also doing £45 of terminal tackle free with subscription. Not sure if this offer is still available online anywhere
  9. Personally I wouldn't be throwing shed loads of boilies in at first. I went last weekend and had success just with a hookbait and about 7 or 8 freebies thrown around the area. Also tried spodding but I think it was too much too soon as I didn't have much success off the spodded area.
  10. I always use backleads. I don't find that it hinders bite indication but then How would I know? The lake I fish the majority of the time is quite tight where the swims are concerned so you don't really have the opportunity to play the fish away from the other lines, therefore I find it much better to use backleads. With reference to the post earlier about the Ian Russell video dismissing the slack line theory, there is also a Nash one that does the same thing.
  11. I've fished there a few times. There are 3 speci lakes but I've only fished 2 of them. The bottom lake which I think is Speci 3 is a decent lake, I've found that the best place to catch is at the far end of the lake. To be honest I much prefer Speci 2. This lake is really small, probably not much more than an acre but it does hold some big fish. Very shallow at one end which can cause problems with the swans if they are around. Because it is so small I always use single hook baits with 20 or 30 freebies thrown around it. Personally I have had more success on the road side bank but have been told the most productive area is on the far bank and the left end as you look at it from the road. I wish I could remember what boilies I've caught on there but I can only remember one and that was a B52 boilie which is very meaty.
  12. Do you think you can get a decent 3 alarm & receiver set up new for under £100?
  13. Thanks guys. Think I'll give them a miss then.
  14. Hi Guys, Has anybody got any experience with these alarms? Looking into getting a set and they talk the talk but at only £50 for 3 alarms & receiver are going to walk the walk? Thanks
  15. Personally I would pick somewhere you know this time of year. It's gonna be quite hard fishing so you want to give yourself every chance of catching. That said, if now is the only chance you're going to get of fishing the syndi maybe plump for that, Not much use am I !!!!
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