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  1. I say Torrix too I wouldn’t change mine for anything else. Also if you’re a "Tart" they look awesome and you can have them built to exactly your specifications
  2. Horrible to hear news like this. I was done over twice in 2008/09; I was insured with Aviva who did a new for old. I had over 10 years of tackle I collected and no receipts at all, the only thing I was left with were my rod sleeves (as I always had my rods made up) The first claim for terminal tackle etc they sent a list of items (bags, cooking equip, alarms etc etc) to Fosters and they just walked round the shop and dropped most things in the carry all and posted it to me. The second they came back and nicked all the rods, reels, oval "the lot" on this occasion I was told to visit the shop and get replacements myself, I visited the shop and they basically said I have £1,500 to spend and choose what I need; which I did gladly. I assume it will be down to the insurance company, unfortunately some are not as good as others (and that’s why premium isn’t always the way to choose who you insure with..!) By the way I’m an insurance underwriter (albeit for motor fleet; but still know how it works if you need any more advice) Regards Mike
  3. Never gave up and it turned out nice...! well done bery well done
  4. Congrats, my folks still have my first carp pic framed at their house it was about the same sixe lol
  5. Ok not carping but noddy fishing.! Many moons ago a friend and I (we were kids) went to “middle pool” and were so desperate to fish that we got dropped of by my dad with a little green tent – the pool was frozen and I mean really frozen there was about 2 foot of snow all round the pool…. We had to smash some ice and using a quiver we both sat in the tent right next to the lake. Hard core is when you get dropped off at 6 in the morning as a kid with no way home till daddy comes 12 hours+ later. (don’t forget we were about 12 so no fancy chairs or luxuries as we had no money) Good old days; that day will always stick with me …..and you guessed it we blanked surprisingly
  6. sad but true, my friend and i about 5 years ago were having "one of those chats" and came up with this "indoor" golf thing etc etc About 2 years ago (after not really thinking anymore of it) we saw star city (Brum) had an indoor mini golf.....! grrrrr if only..... we would have been millionaires (good old Del boy) Lets all throw some money in get all (well not "all" but you know which ones i mean) the "newbie" argos carpers in a few "indoor pools" then accidentally shut them in with no air supply (oh bad thoughts mikee no no no no)
  7. he he he he enough said on my view
  8. That is a horrible picture. Such a shame. About the fences?? can otters go underground ??
  9. Thats nice, a really nice anser..! Me, I just do. It,s a sport/past time you either love or just dont want to do, unlike others where you can take it or leave it (I.e football I love football but only to watch not play, you wouldnt get someone watching fishing just because etc etc)
  10. you can tell when you are old... because when what happened to bbj (above) happens you feel happy..!
  11. Nice post - like it. I think ill keep my answer short and sweet, my motto "KISS - Keep it simple stupid" (ok ok there are exceptions)
  12. I have an Apotheosis that was wet almost perpetually from September until May. Every session it rained, so it was always going away wet. I didn't often have the chance to hang it out to dry, so it was being put up wet. Darn good bivvy, if it wasn't for the speed of Easydomes erection I would probably still be using it. I didn’t use my Apotheosis 1 man for around 7 years and I swear I put it away wet last time; pulled it out and was like it was nearly new(ish) 100 billion% happy with that bivvy (one of the originals and I still think one of the best)
  13. Are you getting more relaxed as time goes on - what happened to just a s/bag and a brolly????
  14. Cheers for that is that supposed to make me feel better..!
  15. To actually go fishing..! New job should it really be important to me????
  16. nice to know the zig working in colder weather - well done
  17. mikee_s

    World record

    what a gut..!!!!
  18. Put the effort in to move and reap the benefits – nice one !!!
  19. well done to all above - some very nice fish there 5 weeks and counting and not been fishing
  20. well done - The rain didnt scare you off this time
  21. well done BBJ. look forward to the pics
  22. I've heard of pound stores but not 99p ones. ditto guess they undercut £land "what do pennys make" (not much these days)
  23. mikee_s

    two new pb.

    well done mate dont think your smiling enough on the second picture
  24. Is that Benson your holding there! LOL If it goes by the descriptions they use its "two tone"
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