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  1. No, you can leave it on, it does knot tidily must admit never stripped of at the swivel end
  2. you must be gutted danny ha ha - registered and patent already done "IM RICH"
  3. should have kept that to yourself mate "new Danny F" money to be made
  4. I use old cardboard tubes cut up - ones about 3mm thick and a diametre of around 15cm etc.
  5. Haven't fished it in about 8/9 years. Fished it since i was about 11 and did "a LOT" had some good times when i was a kid. There has always been probs with the roads (or lack of of surface to them) always been rats and always been corner pegs (which I don't agree with). 100% agree Dave will never fish it again, unless something happens to drastically change it. The silly thing is it could be a great pool/complex. If only a leaf or 100 were taken out of some other places book. The the main pool needs to be netted and the bream etc need to be removed or most of them do. The roads need sorting, the number of pegs need reducing and bins need to be provided. I think they need a booking system etc, even book on the day by phone then also keep tabs a bit more... number plates names etc. Just cause its not a members/syndicate pool doesn't mean you cant get banned. I cant stand people like you described, music/radio (maybe on very quite at a reasonable time, you cant hear mine out of the brolly area) What good is throwing cans at you “I mean ????? “ and breath mikee....
  6. Mate, As I say the best PVA going I regularly order from his shop (even if I do take the E-bay link I've saved in favourites ). Whenever I buy anything I forward a copy of the PayPal receipt and just check and confirm the delivery. I even get an e-mail confirmation (often personalised rather than the "mass produced" sale) back as well. Always spot on, arrives when he says. well i will take your word for it and give it a go, if i ever get back on the bank cheers
  7. cheers guys. Never heard of Mo's - just had a look on the website, think a couple of purchases may be in order ...! thanks again
  8. hi Leebradley How did you get on ?? Is the BAA worth it just for these pools being stupid as seems this place is the only "local" BAA place
  9. how long was the rig in the water for??
  10. grrrrr smart alec dunno make a pretty pink boilie with the mainline white powder Edited for swearing Using **** still counts BBJ
  11. bait dye - sold in most tackle shops and online..!
  12. added a pic below. (bottom one normal is aligner) the rig is pulled through the shrink tubing to make the line aligner, some people use a baiting needle or a needle. some people just put the shrink on the hook to extend the shank or as welshcarp said to cover the k/knot Hope this helps.
  13. yeh so it can go over the first knot, it has stayed when i used it as the larger end catches on the tage end left on the stop knot.
  14. one thing i have always used is the end of a washing up bottle (old style bottle) with the smaller hole made bigger. I put it before the hook line with the big end facing the lead. It catches the wind when you cast and pushes it over the knot. Ill see if i can find any diagrams pics etc.
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