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  1. Oh right My border-line insomnia leads me to late-night posting most nights, I can't help it! Don't worry your not on your own there
  2. You could try emailing Anglers Paradise or ringing up.
  3. Well that has just put a dampener on my day RIP Benny
  4. I am going to Malta in August, I will be fishing in Sliema at Tigne Point. I would like to fish out of my hotel (The Fortina Spa Resort) but do not mind walking up the harbour if needed. I have a small 6ft whip out there and a telescopic rod out there. I will be fishing with carp controllers out there with size 8 and 10 hooks. I have fished here before and used bread ( A whole loaf, I don't think the hotel was very pleased when they came to dinner and where missing one!) lol Bread does work, but is not great Shrip and Prawn are good. Does any one have any advice on bait, methods or what else im likely to catch?
  5. Quite a heart rending site. I can't help but feel that if a polish person was there, then there would be fish dissapering from the bank, never mind the water.
  6. Gaz, this is pretty well an exact summary of my thinking on the topic. So that's two of us! Ian make that 3 of us. Said the same thing about larger carp taking freebies on the surface (i.e bigger ones can stay away from all the feeding etc) Make it 4
  7. I would take my dog fishing, but I think she would get too bored easily!
  8. Pick up some one elsed litter! There was a large "clutter" of line tangled on the floor, so I picked it up and as I did so, the buzzer went off. * Split second thought: WOAH!" There was a barbed hook on the end of it. Straight into my finger so playing a fish with a throbing finger. NOT GOOD!
  9. Great table. Use it my self when I can not be botherd to use my poor maths brain lol! http://www.yrc.com/tools/kilotable.html[/code]
  10. Well how bloody sad! I hope the forum administrator takes legal action if this is the true case! That is a serious"ish" crime!
  11. I have not personally fished this complex, but a few tips would be even if you spend 2-3 hours wondering about, just watching and testing depths and fishy looking areas, that is 2-3 hours better spent! You can also try talking to other anglers on the lake, it maybe like getting blood out of a stone, but you never know. I find many anglers open and wanting to tell. Take a selection of baits from the bog standard baits to something a little different E.g. Prawns. http://www.emmotlandponds.co.uk Check out there website, I looked on pond one and there is max of two rods only. It would be worth browsing it to double check on there rules etc...
  12. Lovely ! Should of popped this one in the catches section
  13. Stunning bird! The "bold" part was derived from a Latin word meaning bold, as in no fear. Another piece of useless knowledge!
  14. Every time! Poor horses. Nice views and beautiful horses, what more could you wish for! Well apart from the temperature!
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