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  1. Just have a look over the town bridge near the resturant barge, you can't miss em...
  2. MCF do a replaceable spreader block that has a lever on it to release the net have a look at the link, just add the www's .leslies-luton.co.uk/store/product/2193586/MCF-SWING-LOCK-LANDING-NET-BLOCK/
  3. Cheers, but I don't think one exists, nothing on the website..
  4. Gents, I am after a Walthamstow 2&3 Map, that gives the names of the swims and any additional information, any info would be greatly received by PM.
  5. Best idea is to get an idea of a few main bits, and then go to a reputable tackle dealer and tell them your budget, and requirements, and get them to give you a range of stuff within that budget. Going to one place with £1000 hard cash will get you a good bit of discount..
  6. I use a pole winder, and actually have a box of them tied up at different lengths that i can swop round quickly when used with a quick clip.. see link: http://ww.tackleup.com/preston-seat-box-accessories/preston-winder-boxes.html Just add the extra "W"
  7. Right try it in the bath first: Put the boat in the water with the boat turned off, then press and hold down the "ON" button at the rear of the boat this will prime the jets and will be ready for use. The MK1 forward jets need priming the reverse don't... Once you happy it works in the bath then try it in a lake etc, but tie it to a rods mainline line just in case its not working 100% and you can reel it back.. Once you happy, you are ready to use it... Check ou the link too: http://www.anglingtechnics.co.uk/loadBoatVideo.php
  8. Get yourself one of these, big enough to hold a weigh sling too: http://www.climaxtackle.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=1&Product_Code=TABCWN
  9. Right guys been watching this thread for sometime and need to add a few bits: I for one have been using the South African stuff for the past few years, since seeing them use it at Linear Fisheries. There attention to detail in everything they do and using little edges like "Goo" shows they are not just lucky at the world championships the deserve it, and to do it for the past four year, by actually a big margin shows they are onto something.. The "Goo" isn't just about the green or red cloud but also about the attractants, which is where the product seems to differ from the other fluro baits out there. I have tested this in various ways and it's completely changed my point of view on baiting situations etc.. I know the product is expensive, but how much would you put a price on success, especially when we spend so much on a kilo of bait nowadays.. I for one, will always have a bottle or two in my bag, not because it's the new thing to catch the angler, but something that works and I believe in.. And no I am not sponsored by Korda or Kiana, I just highly rate the stuff..
  10. Could I ask a question about the "hand test"? I have seen the videos where various rigs are dragged over the heel of the palm to demonstrate how the hook will behave. It would seem to me that this only demonstrates what is happening when the line is being pulled i.e. when there is tension in the line. This will happen when the boilie is being sucked in or if the carp is backing away. If the carp is just mouthing the bait or is blowing it out, the feature demonstrated by the hand test is surely irrelevant? Ideally you want the point to turn over and prick the bottom lip of the fish, whether that is done using a taut hooklink or the carp blowing the bait out. So draging it across your palm and getting the hook towards the edge just before you pull it off the edge the hook cocks and pricks the palm on the edge... I very rarely loose any carp, cant remember the last, if i get a run its on, and well nailed in the centre of the bottom lip.. Results speak..
  11. Heard it on FB recently it was just over 23lb with a further 19 & 18 slabs in the same session..
  12. Me personally would change a few things, but not all at the same time: Firstly make the hooklink longer 8-10" to start with and see how you get on, because the lead may be getting plugged and the running part of the set up maybe not working as well as it should. Secondly change from a Fox SSBP to a Fox SSC as the beak point may be glancing off the carps lip, as the lips may be soft due to the make up of the lake bottom. Bait size is fine, and hair separation is fine, but you could play with this using extenda stops to make it just slightly longer. If you still fail more than you achieve, then it may be worth using a piece of silicone on the hook to put the hair coming off the point bend instead of the shank bend, this makes the point heavy and when you try it in your hand the hook turns ready to catch the bottom lip, this can be further improved by adding a small blob of tungsten putty approx 2" from the hook.. Hope that helps, if not drop me a PM...
  13. Not my sort of fishing, but you have got Willowcroft at Wisbech St Mary. Lots of info if you use the search facility on here: Here's one to start you off... http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=50358
  14. Guys, Popped in there on the way up north, venue looking mint, few fish coming out too... Best of luck for your social you should have a good one, might pop in on Sunday on the way back up north if any are still there.. Tight lines guys...
  15. Our team just got back from Barston Lake, and had a right result.. Top peg was 125 taking over 1300lbs of fish in 48hrs, and i was in pegs 55 & 54 with my fishing partner and had 481lbs so get down there and catch a few yourself, PM me for details if required..
  16. Seems like it.... Fishing Barston from this monday for 48hrs, and then Cromwell for 48hrs... We have the same problem in that, there are not many large lakes that can take 14 pairs for 48hrs exclusive use, so the ones on your circuit are the same.. Tight Lines for your event, hope pull a few lumps out, as the weed shouldn't be too bad...
  17. What days are the social, as i am not fishing it but might be able to call in on the way up north.. Edit : Don't worry just seen it on the Cromwell website 29/3 - 1/4 !! We are on it from the 16/4...
  18. Cromwell Lake, Newark: Fishing an event up there very soon, any useful info on the place would be greatly recieved... I know it has foreign fish in it, but thats where the event is being held... Please PM me whatever information you have
  19. Don't know if this would work, you would have to give Fox a ring to see if compatable, Ultimate Vision do a dongle and receiver pack.. Have a look on Climax Tackle for (ultimate vttxc ) Hope that helps...
  20. Fox Illusion XS is what i have been using for the past few years, awesome bit of kit...
  21. There are some good reels out there, but my motto is buy cheap buy twice.. Therefore for a little bit more money, Climax Tackle are doing the Shimano Mini ST 2500FA Baitrunner for £47.99.. Have a look...
  22. Lots of queries: Did it catch on anything on the cast (the ground, bushes etc) Did the line snag on anthing (reel, rod eyes etc) Noddy but it does happen (was the bail arm open) Was the cast smooth. As you can see, and handful of possible reason for cracking off, in any season i occasionally have 1 or 2 so it happens to us all. Ensure none on the above never happens, or if need be (if allowed) then use a shock leader..
  23. i have tried it both ways as mentioned and never had a problem, the crossways way can be awesome as they struggle to eject it without hooking.. Best advice is give it a go, see what the results are...
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