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  1. Great effort, and well done on your p.b.
  2. Well in Nige, getting some practice in I see
  3. Thought you guys might like this one I had the other day before the river season started. I thought it was one of the best looking commons I have ever had. It only had one barbule aswell, very distinctive fish.
  4. You know that, maybe nice to meet up for a practice/social session on Barston sometime, when you/coops have come down off cloud 9 !! (takes a long while :wink: )
  5. Congratulations Nige, Made up for you. See you at the Semi's if we get the same date.
  6. come on Nige, need some decent competitiopn in the semi's, you can do it buddy.
  7. You can do it lads, keep the pressure on, will be following closely !!
  8. Nice one Steve, good to see your still amongst them.
  9. Cheers Nige, been a little while since I last posted. Todber Manor BCAC Qualifier. Myself and Danny Clarke arrived the night before, as it was an early draw (9.00am) and we wanted to keep our eyes and ears open for any fish during the night, to give us a clue. During the morning we walked around the pond and listed the peg numbers we fancied in order of preference. Our first choice was a swim Danny had fished a week earlier and had 14 fish from, after he eventually sussed out what was making them tick. We had both been up for a short session previous to that ,where we learnt how rig aware these carp were, and not to apply large baits, or large numbers of baits, and a few other things . (ssssshhhh) We were 4th out the hat and managed to get our first choice of swim, Peg 11. brilliant, things were looking up, game on !!! Trying to set up was a nightmare for me, as when I had woken up in the morning the bivvy pole on my JRC X-Light had broken in 2 places for absolutely no reason and the front end was looking like a wendy house entrance, but trying to re-erect the bivvy with the aid of lots of electrical tape was enough to drive you mad. finally job done and a can of cider to celebrate, it was not ideal, but so long as we did not have any strong winds I would be alright. Incidentally this was a replacement pole, as the previous one had also broken, but when you see the wall thickness of the aluminium pole, a strong fart would put it through its paces !!!!!!! 12.00 o clock Horn sounded and rods in, within the first hour we witnessed 3 fish caught on the opposite bank, before it was our turn with a double figure koi carp. great start 1.5 hr in. We then had fish at 2.30 (11.09), 4.45 (15.00), 5.45 (18.07), 6.05 (11.00), 6.35 (8.12) and 8.40 (7.15). Fantastic start we were flying and well into 1st place as hardly any other fish had been caught. 7 fish and then a good nights rest as the carp switched off during the night, and we awoke still being in 1st with only a couple of fish out in the night. Rebaited the rods and within 30 mins we were away again, 8.20am (10.04), 9.30 (14.00), 10.40 (14.12), 11.20 (9.09), 3.25 (12.05). This was an excellent result and we were tearing into the lead by 60 + lbs. Shortly after this we experienced a load of trouble with a team opposite casting at our marker float, whilst they may have been in their own water, when the rods were measured with both of us casting marker floats they were side by side, and we were both told to come back a rod length. Anyway with all this commotion with marker floats, the shoal had done a runner and only 1 more fish came to the bank at 9.00pm (11.02). What was worrying was that peg 13 were latching onto a shoal of their own and these were the larger fish around the 15-20lb bracket. When we woke up the next morning with a fish 6.00am (10.09) our lead had been drastically reduced and fish were now begining to come out from a few of the other pegs, and peg 2 had a good haul and were catching up. There was nothing we could do, but watch as our lead was diminished and then overtaken as we never managed another fish until the horn sounded. Final result was: 1 Lewis Swift / Jack Meyer 187lb 4oz 13 2 Nick Singleton / Danny Clarke 164lb 11oz 14 3 kia sanger / Jack stamp Carp Talk 120lb 14oz 8 A great competition full of all the drama, highs and lows you would expect, and many thanks to the marshalls. Bloody brilliant, YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAA we qualified !!! Bring on the semi's at Barston manor.
  10. Well done joe, first of many.
  11. Hi Zoofish If you look at the Bridgwater Angling website on the forums section/ all the latest information gets posted up regulary. Inc recent fish and how well its been fishing etc. also some photo albums to look at. cheers: Nick
  12. Amazing fish, and fishing outside your comfort zone as well, Good luck for this year.
  13. Well done Joe, always nice to get the first fish of year under your belt.
  14. Lifted my whole day having that fish, I wish i could say i forgot about those 18 nights but the scar runs deep !!!
  15. First fish of the New Year and the end of a total of 18 nights added up from previous sessions blanking !! Began to wonder if it was ever going to happen, But luckily this pretty little mirror made my day. 19.4lb 19.4lb
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