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  1. Thank you Kim for putting my name forward Can you tell me if you are doing the draining your self or are you using a fish farmer ? Also what size fish are you looking to sell ? Regards Neil Wilson FCS Pisciculture www.frenchcarpsupplies.com
  2. I know the lake and owner (Paul) well a cracking lake with some supper fish. Listen to Paul he is a VERY experienced angler would be my first tip and fish with the bait he makes on site.The fishing is not the easiest in the world and the fish can move from one end of the lake to the outher in no time,the bays always seem to hold a few fish sometimes a lot try and try and find little places that are tricky to get a bait to and you can find a good few fish helled up in very small spots. Good luck Tell Paul Neil the fish farmer said 'Hi'
  3. Sorry mate never fished up that way but as was said you MAY find it hard getting info on some waters as it takes time and effort to find some of these waters best spots information some folk dont want to give away. Good luck
  4. Well i have been invited to Blavet valley lakes when my season finishes in a few weeks.I dont get much chance to carp fish these days so i am looking forword to it and have a crack at one of them big 50lb+ commons. Hopfully pop in and see my good mate Jim at 'Moulin du Mee' this spring also.
  5. Were in France were you thinking of fishing ? its a big place
  6. If the water temp hits 18d for a 7 day period or more the carp can spawn. They cold blooded and there life is governed by the temperature of the water around them.
  7. Millstone is a cracking water tricky but the average size is amazing hit it right and you can have some very good fishing. Stalking works VERY well if every one is at the other end fishing behind there rods. The lake is VERY rich in natural food one reason the fish do so well and they have A levels in cleaning you out and leaving your hook bait think about what you are doing and watch the water like a hawk .
  8. Not wrong there fatfish! I go to get away from the missus (gives her a break from me too!) Bloody good luck to you mate i know that feeling
  9. Good luck to any one having a go down there it was hard before the fish kill now its a real 'Ball Breaker'
  10. Walking and stalking work very well if you are up for it the fish love to feed in the edge.
  11. No i have not fished this one but the owners are clients of mine.I have seen them turn this complexes of lakes in to one of the best fisheries in France. You will love it Fished 'Millstone' last year and had some cracking fish to 47lb (Float fished corn in the margins)
  12. If the weather is good to you you should do well one hell of a fishery with some very good fish.You could have a very big hit that time of year if you get it right. Take a good bait and plenty of pellet and sweet corn they seem to love it at the start of the season. Good luck
  13. Yes it is a very pretty and unusual fishery with some cracking fish
  14. Talk to Paul the owner he would want you to catch so he will give you good sound advice mate. There will be a few more big carp in there this winter for you to catch
  15. Just keep baiting it they WILL come good luck
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