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  1. Hi Guys, Im after a venue with accomadation for 2 families, for the summer holiday period, so from 22nd july to the following 6 weeks. Can anyone recomend a venue, with good fishing and good facilities for children etc? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello people. Been thinking lots and lots lately about whats behind my end tackle. In all honesty iv done soooo many tests to see how it all lies after a cast, most leaders, tubing sit horrid and obtrusive! What's your opionions on using splitshot or something similar (korda sinkers) set at intervals as concealment. The idea works so so well on test but i also know how this can lift scales etc? If you go back years ans years when we didnt even concider these ideas, did i do much damage to the fish??
  3. Only a few days and im back on it! Its proper exiting stuff seeing them tear the bottom up. Dont think we'll see spawny behaviour just yet... He says!
  4. Their tearing the bottom to bits! Knowones catching a thing at the mo. I may try the hemp approach and see how that goes. Only there for a short session so wanna get it right.
  5. The carp seem to be realy occupied on the naturals at the moment. What are your chosen methods for catching whilst there feeding this way??
  6. It really is a 'personal taste thing' i may decide the rods iv bought dont suit me in time, or i may end up never wanting to change them. But for me the torrix felt right, and looked right. Your blessed with the money to try them all you lucky git! Is that tech talk happy? On the 2 blanks.
  7. Been told today that most lines are produced in the same factory's? Is this correct?
  8. Cant put a pic up just yet, but I will in a few days. Lookin good in the pic you tart!
  9. Shopping done! I went for the Harrison Torrix TE specials, 3lb tc. Got to say they look the dogs doolies! Canne wait to get out and have a play now. Thanks for all your advise.
  10. Does this mean you've not managed to get out fishing yet? No pal been out a half a dozen times already, it's just that the syndicate im fishing is approx 100 acres in size, and a hard nut to crack, but the fish in there are beuts I was fishing a water similar in size, near reading. Nice and rewarding when you get it right and get on the fish. Have you got it sussed and got on the fish yet?
  11. Does this mean you've not managed to get out fishing yet?
  12. Funny no one has mentioned the rods with a DF on for catching carps. Nothing against the guy, infact I say fair play to him. Iv met him a few times at welly and he's a good chap. BUT I wouldnt buy those rods if i were offered them for £100 the set. Their ugly rods too!
  13. In all honesty iv not had a good look at free spirit, but I will have to now. Do you own a set? PM Sharpy86 he had Free Spirits from memory Incidentally Century SP's were in fact are the rods that managed to break the World Long Distance casting records in various Lead sizes:wink: So not as soft as they may seem. I'm pretty positive that Century don't make an SG, so I presume that is a typo? At some point all rod manufacturers will have a problem with a breakage, I've seen Simpsons of Turnford rods go, as well as Hutchy IMX's, and have managed myself to break a Daiwa Amorphous rod while casting before purchase ( I wouldn't touch Daiwa after that ) Overloading a rod can also lead to a break. If a rod is designed for a 3oz lead, then loading it up with a 3oz lead and 4ozs of bait in a PVA bag can cause overloading problems and a pile of carbon splinters. Yep it was a typo! He has the NG's. He didnt overload the rod, it was a genuine fault with the rod, but i have to say that they replaced it strait away and sent a letter to appologise. Its going to happen from time to time.
  14. Shocker! I love it, got me quite exited that has. Do you know where to purchase this product? just checked ebay , you can get it for about 4 quid, all different colours and flavours. im gonna have some fun with this stuff Good lad, im getting on it. Got sooo many ideas for using it! sweet.
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