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  1. yeah gems are never easy to find lol milton country park is a option if you can night fish although not sur ehow safe it will be
  2. i;ll see what i can find appreciate your help mate if all else fails guess i could join manor farm fisherys
  3. nice mat enot far at all ill have alook at the others used to fish gingerbread year ago found it extreemely weedy and snaggy but some proper old lumps in there
  4. im based in bourn near cambourne dont mind travelling up to 45 mins to a hour
  5. thank you mate i appreciate it i did try alcove syndicate but theyv shut there waiting list and website for some reason
  6. hey guys im looking for a syndicate no more than kinda £200 for the year iv tried with the airman and am awaiting confirmation if they have the availability im open for anywhere my kids come with me regularly any ideas guys?
  7. Albans lakes looks good to take the kids i may just do booneys lake at manor farm tbh yeah know lawn farm well is just down the road from me tbh
  8. thanks for the replies guys yeah i know fenalnd fisheries very well and is a option i was also thinking of manor farm but wouldnt really call that a runs water tbh the other 3 iv actually never heard of and will have a look now thank you guys
  9. the mrs is finally taking up fishing and im looking for a runs water within a hour of central cambridge so she doesnt get bored not to bothered on sizes but bigger the better as always lol any help be greatly appreciated guys
  10. thanks mate appreciate that right now nothing but sure once i get back on the bank ill have a whole list lol im not one to go with trends i like to go back to basics had most of my big catches where others have blanked and iv switched it right up
  11. lol no worries mate and yeah could defo do with some help last time i was heavy into it was about 8 years ago oh my how its changed
  12. oh nice i used to fish earith lakes years ago bit expensive now though isnt it? manor farm iv never seen any rats tbh its not too bad under new ownership now
  13. This year, unfortunately I havn't. Covid has affected my life quite a lot lol but I usually fish manor farm in biggleswade. Am currently looking for a fairly cheap syndicate for next year as I'm going to be taking my new career of lorry driving so will only be weekends free. Where do you fish, mate?
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