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  1. Haven't found that I've needed to chuck very far on any of my club waters, lots of snaggy swims and swims with overhanging trees, ease of use with bait boat or bait pole in future, smaller pack down size for fitting in the car and barrowing round the lake to my swim. Still keeping my 12ft rods just in case, but they've felt a bit cumbersome in snaggy little swims I've fished recently.
  2. My Daiwa Emblems are fairly big reels, but I don't think they'll look too out of place on shorter rods. I love the reels and don't want to change them, but I would prefer smaller rods for them to go on, I don't think I need 12ft rods and also in the future I will likely succumb to a bait boat or possibly bait pole and I think that will be a lot easier to manage with shorter rods.
  3. I'm not sure if it matters, yes they'll be sat on my alrams 99% of the time... I've not used shorter rods before and have read about an 'imbalanced set-up' - I guess I just wanted to just check on here before pulling the trigger, that I wasn't making an obvious mistake.
  4. Hi all, I'd like to get shorter rods to suit my fishing needs, would my Daiwa Emblem 19 reels be too heavy/big for 9 or 10ft Rods?
  5. I like the look of that, I'm gonna give that a go with the tail rubber in place of the supplied hard plastic. I've just started trying out solid bags, I'm making them using the Fox Rapide system, its a bit fiddly but pleased with the results. What's the optimum length of rig to use in a bag? 3 - 5" about right?
  6. Little re-stock of the tackle box... RM-Tec Rock Bottom Semi Stiff Hooklink in brown, Micro ring swivels, hook beads, Muggas in size 6 and 8, kickers. Possibly after a new rod support system, not normally a fan of pods, that said I do like the one above as I only ever really fish 2 rods. I l prefer a snug goal post sort of system, I am keen on the korda singlez set-up but they seem a pricey(er) option... Any other recommendations?
  7. I have a 10ft riot utility rod for marker/spodding, it does a great job for both of those jobs... Why do you want to use it to catch fish with? That isn't what it was designed for, I think they're about 4.5lb TC.
  8. I experimented with soft and semi-soft hooklink material on a ronnie fished on top of weed and also in silt in clearer patches amongst the weed at the weekend with some success, caught in the clear patches but not on top of the weed. Going back on friday and adopting a similar tactic.
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