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    Fishing...duh, love my wildlife and photography to! also dabble in online gaming.

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  1. I soak it over night normally but I think even a couple of hours would be fine.
  2. Don't tend to venture too far afield at the mo, due to work and whatnot most of my fishing is done in the summer stalking small pits in and around norwich.
  3. Not sure about homertons but i know there is a lake on the border of norfolk/suffolk called homersfield, but I havent fished it meant to be good though.
  4. That is a good point i hadn't really thought of that, maybe stick to an 11 for my surface fishing then.
  5. I hadn't thought about a 6ft rod to be fair but i will take a look at some. how about surface fishing? you ever used your 6ft rod for that?
  6. Hey guys, I am in the market ( once i save the pennies) for a 9ft stalking rod and wondering what you guys would recommend, willing to spend up to 120ish on the right rod, is this a sensible amount? or am i going to have to save for longer? and also can 9ft rods double up well as surface rods? I have always just used my 11ft rods to do stalking and surface fishing but fishing tight spaces is not always so easy as you all know. for example is this any good for the money? https://johnsonrosstackle.co.uk/wychwood-carp-rods/14299-wychwood-extricator-stalker-9ft.html Or is the decent price a reflection of quality? I will of course read reviews but just wondering what you guys think?
  7. Very hard to find any first hand info on the place, if you find anything out let me know and i will tell you also
  8. I would have to agree with Yonny on this, greys aren't the brand they used to be and i dream of owning a set of Harrison Aviators in full cork....drooling...
  9. Can see i am going to have a laugh in here .
  10. Ranworth has come up several times in conversation with friends. I have seen an image of a mid double common that supposedly came from Ranworth broad but the person who showed me the photograph was how do i say.... known for spinning a good yarn so it could of come from anywhere really but yeah, im sure they are in there.
  11. I have only ever been out on the broads with spinners and lures, but cant see why that wouldn't work mate! are you going to be on a boat or the bank?
  12. Yes indeed that's my little girl she's alot bigger than that now though! that photo was last year. and yes she is going to be the next terry hearn....( female version)
  13. yeah that old chestnut , same as you my friend only stories and conjecture I'm afraid, i am sure there is monsters in there though also tales of big catfish.
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