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braid or flourocarbon


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i am more confidant in flourocarbon hook links as braid is prone to tangles i use a 12lb esp soft ghost with a braided hair so the bait still has movement i use this method this week end on a 24 hr session and bagged 25 carp to 10lb 8oz but each anglers methods are diffrent try both to see how you get on silk worm is a good braid or use both as a combi rig .


tight lines rich

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I have both in my tackle box.


Braid has no stretch atall and is very hard to break with the correct knot. If using a long hooklink then i find the coated braid is the way to go, also good for small hooklinks as you can incorporate hinge points etc.


I will 90% of the time use braid but if fishing is hard then i will turn to fluro, where its near invisible. If tied correctly can be very effective and i use 10lb IQ soft, where when i start the knotless knot always start tying with the hook eye opposite the first turn :wink:


So really i use braid 90 of the time but fluro can be very effective for them shy wary carp.

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