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  1. Hi everyone The other day when i was fishing i received a double take luckily i was with a mate so they got the fish in whilst i played the other. i wondered what should i do if i receive a double take if i am on my own? i was thinking to to tighten the drag and leave to tick line off the spool? Any ideas? Cheers Sam
  2. i heard the greys distance plus marker and spod rods are good
  3. i did the same fished a 24 hour carp match in aid for gelp for heroes it was great fun
  4. i think the rig is ok but i like to have it stripped back by the hook and i would probably add a little bit of shrink tubing but not with an aggressive curve, i like to use a rig ring on the shank to give the bait movement, hope this helps sam
  5. when i used one at a carpfest they seemed like really nice rods suppose everyone has different opinions
  6. well the lake bottom has very thick silt and the chod presents really good on it, i might try something form atomic tackle called the chodda droppa where the leads comes off on the take, but before i try that i will try a 1oz lead thanks for all the replies sam
  7. hi everyone i fished my local lake for the day on Tuesday one on a chod on the line and the other on a bottom bait, after only health an hour i had run on the rod with the chod on it, the fish felt decent and after 2 minutes of playing it in it just dropped off. near the end of the session i hooked another fish on the chod that i believed was quite small but that dropped off aswell. i dont know why i am losing them as im using a 1.5oz lead and a size 6 choddy with a 15mm pop up any advice would be great cheers, sam
  8. thanks for all the comments everyone
  9. i do prefer day time as you can get a better picture but i do like catching at night as you don't know what you've got until its in the net
  10. some lovely looking fish there coops keep it up sam
  11. thanks for all the comments everyone, it really was a great session!
  12. thanks for all the comments, it was a great session with some lovely looking fish cheers
  13. yes it is cheers sam
  14. cheers muftyboy, yeah im still buzzing haha sam
  15. hi everyone i recently fished a 48 hour session at mu local fishery manor farm biggleswade on the carp lake i decided to fish at around 40 yards range in silkweed of around 6 inches i sprayed 30 baits over each rod and fished 10 inch hooklink on a helicopter rig with a critically balanced hookbait a great session, all fish were caught on velocity bait boilies cheers sam
  16. hi everyone i got given a tub of free paste on my last order of boilies i got told you can make cork ball pop ups with it and i wanted to know if anyone knew how to make cork ball pop ups with standard paste any help would be great cheers sam
  17. i think the difference between shelf life and frozen is that a shelf life bait has a preservative so it stays fresh and doesnt need to go in the freezer, and a freezer bait is fresh and better for the fish. (if i am wrong can someone correct me) hope this helps sam
  18. thanks for the reply everyone i put it in the freezer yesterday morning sam
  19. hi everyone just cooked up some maize ready for a night session on friday i added some tuna and then thought will it go off before friday? any help would be great cheers sam
  20. i tend to use curve shanks with my KD rig but i have used wide gapes before and they do work well, give them a go hope this helps sam
  21. never used either but badger looks poor quality and wouldnt but it my self but some vision stuff looks pretty good
  22. as well as the things all ready said you should try feathering it down just before it hit the water hope this helps sam
  23. samcfc

    new lake

    the lake is on the manor farm complex near biggleswade. i will post a pic if i am lucky enough to catch one cheers sam
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