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Newbie - Living in Denmark trying to find a place to fish!!!


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Im new the forum and have recently moved to denmark, im hoping to find afew decent little places to fish both in lakes and on the river (Guden River fx). I live in the Aarhus - Randers area if it rings any bells :D


After a quick glance at the forum i never noticed anything about carp fishing in denmark, is there a reason!!! :cry: im not even sure if coarse fishing is popular, tackle shops are like sea front gift shops, hehe



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Guest Anonymous
I live in the Aarhus - Randers area if it rings any bells


Can't help with the fishing but the only bells I've heard in Aahus were the ones in my head after a good long night on the lash with my brother & old man :lol:


Welcome to the forum :D

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Hi this is my first carp.com post!!! I fished in denmark last year, hoping to catch bags of bream. it soon became apparent that the bream hadnt been seen for years. We did find some excellant roach fishing on the river guden around Resenbro which would probably be about an hours drive from u. The sheer number of fish meant that it was reminisent of the River Trent a few years back (according to my Dad!!). Unfortunatley we never heard of any Carp fishing in Denmark. If u were to try I would look towards the south of the country where it borders with Germany, and I believe that travelling to and from germany from denmark is like crossing into Wales here. That may be a decent shout.

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Got an aquantance that lives and fishes in denmark and the comment about predator fishing is about right. There is good roach,perch, chub, (think the chub record there is in low double figures, think perch record is in the seven/eight pound bracket :shock: ) and of course a fair bit of trout fishing.


Might be worth googling "anglers world holidays" as I'm certain they advertise fishing holidays in Denmark.


I believe the north in the hemisphere, the less carp there are (vice versa for pike). Don't ask me why as it's to do with science and big words :D

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The RAF eh..where would that have been then Karup, Værløse, Kastrup?..I'm an ex Army boy myself and had my first taste of Denmark during a E&E exercise....Didn't go a lot on it back then to be honest and thought that Germany was better...I'm still trying to work out if i made the right choice..lol


Anyway there's loads of carp holding waters in Denmark, whether it's on the mainland of Jylland or the large islands of Sjælland or Fyn..


I live quite close to where floata said he was moving to in Denmark and to be fair apart from a couple of miskept lakes there's not a lot within an hour and a half drive (if it's carp your'e after)....but get outside of that and there's plenty of water.

Not just that carp and coarse fishing is greatly ignored by the locals with only a couple of handfulls of dedicated anglers country wide. I've never found anyone fishing a swim i've planned out to fish and more often than not i'll have the lake to myself.

I think the reason that many people outside of Denmark have not heard of carp fishing in Denmark is because the Danes themselves are still very new to it.

The only negative thing is that some Danes and many of the new population of east europeans like to fish for food...so rivers and lakes in close proximity of large towns receive some pressure from this and a couple have been ruined by it.....however as long as you have a motor that still leaves plenty..:wink:


gadsby87....Coarse fishing in general is excellent on the "Gudenå". The main species are Roach, Bream, Tench, Perch and Pike, plus you can also expect to hit either a good Seatrout or Salmon during the spring and autumn if you rig up for these.....The upper reaches hold Grayling, Browntrout and Rimte while the stretch of the Gudenå east of Randers towards the sea has large seasonal surges of Herring, Makrel, Garfish and Mullet, plus about 3 or 4 different species of flatties..


I trolled these reaches of the Gudenå (its' actually refered to as Randers Fjord at this point) for years before i turned back over to coarse,carp and pike fishing and had some smashing Seatrout...anything over 6 pound would have you crapping yourself..lol.....Really strong fish.

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for the life of me, I can't recall the name of the Danish base but will try and dig it out.. it was in the early 80's so a good few years back.... was based in Wildenrath at the time but popped over to Brugen, Rhinedalen and Jever quite often.. never really did much fishing out there, 19 years old and had my eye on other things, especially when in Norway and Denmark.. yummy :lol: oh yer.. the Norwegian base was near Fredrikstad or something like that

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lol....Thats probably why i didn't think a lot to Denmark when i was over with the army...We didn't have any free time so getting aquianted with the locals lasses was out of the question...

But your'e right...they are quite yummy although like any cat food, you'll get used to it in the end.


I also get over to Norway a couple of times a year but it's diving that attracts not fishing...We usually stick to the west coast between Eggersund and Fleggefjord...Excellent dive water.

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I too went to Norway and Denmark with the RAF.


We spent most of the time in Bodo, Norway and i went up into the mountains to fish for trout and in the fjords for cod, coalfish etc. - No Carp....


Denmark we stayed in Copenhagen and if my memory serves me well there was a fantastic trout lake about 30 mins on the train.


But i asked around if there was any carp fishing, and the reply was that the occasional carp would turn up in the rivers but not any real size, like wildies.

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yeh well, it's like i said...Carp fising in denmark is quite new plus i wouldn't imagine theres' more than 50 dedicated carp fishers throughout the whole country!


I'm based here on Jylland which is a little annoying as 60-70% of the carp holding lakes are on Sjælland...however that still leaves about 25 lakes that i know of here on Jylland that hold carp....


Another thing is the whole fishing mentality is different over here with the vast majority of anglers being into cast and fly fishing....Coarse fishing isn't something your general joe dane associates with fishing...In fact the danish general name for roach, bream, carp, etc is "skidtfisk" which you can translate to "tihs fish" (had to write backwards because the word i wanted to write was censored out of the finished post). I think that demonstrates well the danes mentality regarding these types of fish.

Being a english angler in denmark you soon realise just how unique we are in england with our fishing ideals...Another thing you soon realise is how fantastic the coarse fishing is over here and of course its because coarse fish have basically experienced zero pressure from anglers..


If you read danish then check out this link....It's a not recent (theres more now) list of carp waters in denmark.....



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