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Hello all, I’ve recently started carp fishing. I’ve only caught a couple so far but am now obsessed. I was wondering if anyone has ever tagged any catches to see if they are caught later and to track their growth. Not a gps/tracking tag just something that has a serial number you can look up on a website. 

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I did hear that one fishery in the UK provided you with hand held scanners (in your comfy cabin!) and each fish was chipped so you could find out it's name and who caught it last and the weight! Modern Carp fishing can be pretty sterile if you let it and it's not a step I would like to take. If you photograph all the fish you catch, you should be able to tell if you are getting recaptures although Mirrors are normally easier to tell compared to Commons.

Unfortunately in France some people clip the tails of Carp in a certain place so they can identify whether they had caught it before but don't recommend going down that route.

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On 30/10/2021 at 06:52, Hyperion121 said:

Oh no I wouldn’t want to damage the fish. I was just thinking like they tag sharks or red drum. 

I tagged > 8,100 fish in NJ with American Littoral Society tags and 248 of my tagged fish were recaptured in 11 different states from NH to NC. Check out //littoral society.org. 




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