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  1. Flying redwing blackbird in Hamilton, NJ, USA, yesterday evening.
  2. Flying redwing blackbird in Hamilton, NJ, USA, yesterday evening.
  3. Flying redwing blackbird in Hamilton, NJ, USA, yesterday evening.
  4. I caught > 5,000 carp in NJ, USA, since the 1990s with my homemade corn meal bait or whole kernel corn on a #8 short shank single hook. My biggest common carp weighed 47.5 lbs on a certified scale. Caught 775 carp in my best year. Landed my limit of 25 carp per day several times. I throw out a can of whole kernel corn whenever I go carping. Bought > 200 cans of corn this year. Easy way to catch carp is to throw out a can of corn in the same spot every day, then use corn bait on light line with no weight.
  5. I tagged > 8,100 fish in NJ with American Littoral Society tags and 248 of my tagged fish were recaptured in 11 different states from NH to NC. Check out //littoral society.org.
  6. 4/4/2022 I caught and released an Eastern Creek Chubsucker with a 1/8 oz twister tail leadhead jig on 4 lb test line in Colliers Mills WMA, NJ, USA, that was bigger than the all tackle world record. Foul hooked fish are disqualified from world record consideration. If I hook it in the mouth next time, I may apply for the record. I know where it lives.
  7. Salem canal and Delaware River. I caught a 42.5 lb common in the Delaware.
  8. In NJ bowfishermen shoot carp with a bow and arrow and never catch and release. Here is a pic of 100 carp that 4 bowfishermen shot in one night. Pic removed by Buzzbomb
  9. I release most fish except carp because they are a nonnative invasive species. In NJ it is illegal to release certain species of fish. I found the dog by the Delaware River and reported it to animal control which took it away. There are dog fighting rings nearby.
  10. http://s865.photobucket.com/user/NJ219bands/media/268.jpg.html?sort=3&o=340 42.5 lb common carp pic after half hour battle on 12 lb test line. http://s865.photobucket.com/user/NJ219bands/media/268.jpg.html?sort=3&o=340
  11. If you try it, let me know how you do. I like soft, rubbery bait, but it doesn't always come out that way when I cook it.
  12. I completely cover the hook with a corn meal ball, then check my bait frequently. I use a #8 treble hook on the end of 12 lb test fluorocarbon line with no weight for big fish and a #14 gold treble hook on the end of 2 lb test fluorocarbon line with no weight for small fish. Occasionally a big carp will pick up the bait, swim away and pull my rod into the water in a few seconds. I have been very fortunate to not have lost a rod yet, but I had to wade out into a river to retrieve some. If the action is fast, I hold my rod and watch the slack line. I caught 265 carp last year. Longest was 35".
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