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Heli Safe with tubing


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Hi guys,

I’m Fred and I’m new here and took carp fishing about a year ago I’ve been keeping it simple but I’d like to experiment with different rigs.

Most of the lakes near me have a ban on lead core or require tubing to be used. 

I’ve attached a pic of a rig I’ve setup but I’m not sure if it’s safe so I’d like some advice.

Basically I’m using the korda heli safe with tubing on my main line, I’ve put a bit of shrink tubing to make the bead fit and it’s too big for the tubing and it’s snug but testing it with my hands if I hold the lead or the line the hooklength comes off quite easily.

Is this a safe rig or is there any other way to setup the korda heli safe with tubing? I’ve looked online and I couldn’t find anything that answered questions.

Thank you for your time 😀 and tight lines 🎣



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Try it without the sleeve that the bead is mounted on 

I have a couple of these and they open the bead up just enough for a friction fit 


and I can use ESP heli bead kit on Korda tungsten tube easily


could use an old fashioned pull up aerial to do the same job I suppose


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Thank you for your replies guys

I’ve shrunk the sleeve just a bit and it needs quite a bit of force to move it, the bead comes off with a good shake easily as well. 

I will have a look into what you suggested so hopefully I can make it a better rig 👍

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