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Drop shot newbie from norfolk


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Owdo chap... if you already have a rod and reel and some lures, there are plenty of drop shotting tutorials on YouTube... as a suggestion I'd look for some structure, pilings, locks, or drop offs, back eddies and most of all I'd take some natural baits with you.... lobworms or prawns... also some red maggots... I've found Perch need to be fed heavily in order to get them in the mood to take a lure.... if Pike are in the area then an up trace is recommended as  Pike will bite through a Fluourocarbon hooklink

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You rig a trace above the lure instead of fluorocarbon to avoid bite offs from pike... you can use premade traces and attach to the hook via a snap link or make your own with crimps... you can knot the Drennan multistrand in finer poundages but it is prone to kinking...  Below the hook just use a length of mono to attach your drop shot weight onto... make sure the trace is long enough to not get cut off by a pikes teeth if it takes the lure right down... hope this helps

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