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Shrink tubing

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Running out of shrink tubing now and need to replenish the stocks. Always looking out for the cheaper options, problem being I really like the translucent type, the Korda gravel and clay colours are what I've used before. 

I cant seem to find similar colours for any cheaper. Solid colours I can find on huge rolls. But not these. Anyone found them before? Know of anywhere? 

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Do you mean clear when you say translucent ? Perhaps I need a dictionary. Anyway, thats where I got clear stuff from but it was a while back. Sold in metre lengths.


Is this any good?


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I must confess I buy mine direct from Maplins, or Solar Tackle if I need short lengths.

I don't worry that the Maplins stuff is black with white writing on it, I'm sure that the carp can't read the small print.

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