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Hong Kong Carping?


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I was just wondering if their are any carpers based in Hong Kong? I will be in HK from the 7th to the 12th of July, en-route from from Western Australia to the UK, to prepare for the World Carp Classic.


It would be really cool to meet up with any fellow carpers during my short visit to China, whether it's for an actual session, or just a social. As I'd love to get some photos of Chinese style carping for an article I'm writing about my long journey to the WCC?


Happy hippo hunting


Katfish AKA Niblet 8)

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Guest andypalf

There is indeed, I can't remember his name but there used to be a fell aon here who did quite a bit of carping in Hong Kong. Try a search, sure you'll find him. Let me know if you can't find him, I think I know another forum that he's on.

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