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  1. How do you load yours? Regardless of how I load mine, it always has twist, especially after a session.
  2. The rods will be Daiwa Mission DFs. They'll be mainly for medium distance work with pop-up rigs such as chods and hinged stiff rigs, maybe the occasional PVA bag
  3. Straightforward question. These will be my first carp reels. The Windcast is the 2017 model, but I wanted to ask the people on here for opinions. I'm leaning towards the windcast
  4. Following, I'd be interested in these baits ^^
  5. The Citruz smelled absolutely gorgeous, they had good colors and great buoyancy... Such a pity, I really liked the pop-ups...
  6. Hey, guys. I just saw a bottle of flax oil my dad had bought for his pigeons and was wondering if anyone has tried rehydrating their airdried boilies with it on the bank? It has many benefits for humans and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which of course does not mean it will have the same benefits for the carp, that's why I wanted to ask if people here do it ^^
  7. I've watched it, it's the reason I wan't to visit Paris, but I felt I should ask to be clear if there is anything I need to do in order to fish there legally. Wouldn't want to go there and violate any laws and have problems
  8. Hellow, fellows. I'll be visiting Paris in the summer and was very keen on fishing some park lakes, but have no idea if its allowed. Do I need to buy a fishing license of some sort? Is it legal? Thanks in advance, tight lines!
  9. Do you guys think the Daiwa Ballistic Ex-H 4000 would be a good choice for match and feeder fishing? Its either the ballistic, match winner QDA or TDM3012... Any recommendations?
  10. I recently bought a big spool of Daiwa Sensor 6 pound line, which I obviously didn't spool properly and now the line has horrible twist which gets worse after I play a fish to the point where I have to completely remove a few ft of it. Any idea how to remove it? From what I know, I need to make sure the line exits the top of the spool counter-clockwise, but would that work now, or should I just re-spool? Thanks in advance!
  11. Strange, I thought I posted the second set of pictures in another topic in this subforum? Is it possible to delete either set?
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