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  1. Iv been useing hydra k for a while very good bait I like to use it with with sticky liquids and active/krill powder
  2. Hello has or do any one fish claypits the old naccolt sydicate lake any tips or information would be great full thanks
  3. Hello all I'm off for my first france fishing trip on crete lakes but I'm stuck on what bait to use can any one help I was thinking manilla ?
  4. I love carp fishing but to wear carp camo under pants then you no you have problems 😂😂
  5. Thanks for the replay first attempt of making leads and I really didn't no what to make smoth or coated
  6. Hello all which lead would you recommend is better smoth or texture thanks
  7. Hello all many anglers on here that's a mid get member how's your fishing been this year ?
  8. I'm a mkf member and no chris very well if you need any info just give me a message
  9. Thanks for the reply I guess il write bit of a post about it as they holded the British record two tone
  10. That' what I'm testing atm 12lb and 16lb
  11. Asso make lines that' all they sale lol
  12. Hello all has only one fish milt am chartham or handle lake on mkf iv just join and wondered if any one fished it
  13. Thanks all for the commnets sorry I ain' replyed I haven't been on here in a while
  14. I' a tester it' out now to buy I'm seeing if any angers have purchased any and what do they think
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